Are you a health freak who does not miss a single day on exercising? People today are getting more health conscious than the people in the past because they don't want to suffer from some of the deadly life threatening health problems that are spreading out everywhere. Health problems like diabetes, cardiac problems, blood pressure problems, and obesity are becoming common over the globe and therefore people want to make sure that they stay fit and healthy which can help them live longer and better. However, exercise is not just about moving your hands and feet or other body parts.

As per the research a lot of people exercise just for the sake of exercise. It has been found that people go for jog not because they want to jog but because they are scared that they might catch some kind of disease or health problems if they don't stay fit. Many people have their own mini gyms at home where they workout when they return home while some prefer to visit the nearest gym or health clubs where they exercise and chat along with their partners and trainers. However, over a period of few weeks people get bored and they want something more from their exercise to keep them going.

If you are tired of going to the same gym and working out in the same fashion then it would be recommended that you stop doing that and go for a walk or a run in the park. It has been proved in some of the researches that jogging in the park is more beneficial than jogging on a treadmill in a health club. This happens because not only your body but your mind is mentally working while you are jogging in the park. You get fresh natural air while you see the natural beauty around and at the same time your body is working.

People living in rural areas or close to forest areas can take a break and go for a walk in the trails. This is something that we rarely do because we don't have the time to go in to the nature and look around the natural beauty. Hence, when you walk or jog in the forest trails you will find that you are experiencing something new and that you are sweating more than what you sweat in the gym because the forest ground might not be leveled. Hence, your mind would always be on alert and your feet would be moving better. This also helps in increasing the mind and feet coordination which some people achieve by playing games like tennis and badminton.

Getting wet is another way in which you can change the way you exercise. If you know swimming you can swim for some time when you return from work or when you want to get fresh. If you don't know how to swim you can go a bit crazy and run in the water. It does sound weird but as per the studies it has been proven that running in the water helps in toning your legs and making thigh muscles stronger for better flexibility.

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