Meditation is the best remedy for the health of the mind. By all known and legends of the ancient world and follow them in modern times, it has acknowledged these benefits and importance. Nowadays the attention of many centers of teaching institutions that are taught to focus on many different ways. All methods of meditation are some basic similarities, which is the root of all actions that are pointing to the fact the same. Therefore, all actions well. Are all ways to benefit from routine care. Now we tell the advantages of the method of care and attention.

1) Follow Simple Lifestyle: Plain-vegetarian food simple lifestyle, body clean, and keep clean, keep thinking positive (Positive), and experience peace, peace in mind following good qualities. This makes the right mental state for all the attention. All attention actions, accept their importance.

2) Best Time For Meditation: Time from 3 am until 6-7 pm and is considered the best for each time after 10 pm. Peace in the environment, interference (disturbance) is low. The meditations this time is best for the development of psychic powers.

3) Best Asana & Place For Meditation: Carefully place the place to your worship, there are quiet or solitude that can be open space. A focus day at the same place is considered good progress in mind.
Blanket on the ground or wool seat sits spread-legged chair or lotus. Mat, Kush posture, cotton padding (cushion) can be used. If you have trouble sitting on the ground can also sit on a chair. Be aware that the chair is back upright, so that direct your backbone and begin to flatten (Flat) on your feet on the ground. Feet down the Mat or ducking so as not to contact directly the ground legs.

4) Sit Straight In Meditation: Eyes are turned off or forcing. The back should be straight, Backbone (spine) in a straight line. Sitting comfortably. Airs or no one sitting that pain or problem in such positions, then your mind will not mind.
Keep hands on your thighs or knees. Are open towards the upper hand.

5) Do Deep Breathing Or Pranayama: Pranayama at the beginning of meditation or take a long breath slowly for a while and leave gradually brain and increases the amount of oxygen in the body. It is possible to control the brain is active (Charge) and ideas. Angry, breathing passion seems very brisk walking and pain and slow breath in frustration. The impact on views of respiratory motion and mental instability, abnormal breath arises (Mental unsuitability). So bring pranayama or peace in the deep and long breath mind and thoughts, which helps to concentrate the mind.

6) Becoming One With God: The world is an expression of different forms of energy. The universe of the existence of supreme energy or power that is ours, all fauna doing routine operations of creatures of this world. We also have a part of that boundless energy (Infinite energy source) and joined him. Applying yourself part of the ultimate source, we feel its limitless potential and possibilities. Be aware that it is time to pray the Father / Prmskti start successful our focus, We experience his divine true nature.

7) Focus Your Mind: An idea gives rise to the idea that our brain is busy. Note Stop the speed of thought is stated methods, consider trying to be free. As for when to come in mind let them arrive, they have Khoyen or not involved. Just look at the flow of thoughts like an audience. Give her speed not hold a thought. It will come slowly slow to consider slowly and less expensive. Mind how long it takes to completely open mind?
It depends on the severity of your will and effort. That is the way to go into the depth of focus. So please try with patience, perseverance, and positive thinking.

8) Focus Mind On One Point: A point removed from the ideas of mind in meditation is to be fixed on an idea. Try to look at the mid-point of the eyebrows (Eyebrow) and has said almost all methods that your eyes closed and focus the mind. It began to find not emphasize enough that the eyes or headache. Just keep up the view from the comfort of closed eyes. Some methods of breathing mind and have been asked to focus on leave or put on short intervals between breathing-dropping.

9) Chant Mantra Or Affirmations: Attention engaged in constantly called methods consider the mind to stabilize at a point when you worship the one God in mind to take care of their image, as, quote, thinking or his master about the properties. Pray with them in mind. Chant a mantra or I fear such a positive idea repeat, I am healthy, I am part of Paramshakti, etc. These actions are easy to concentrate the mind.

10) Meditate Daily: As we do every day to eat, sleep, follow the routine should be the same kind of attention regularly. If benefits will be able to feel that you care. The day our thoughts to meditation, karma and make a balance in the spirit which brings success in life and happiness. It makes it possible to descend into the depths of meditation daily.

11) Meditation learning course and Meditation Center: Start not to need a guru or teacher to care. Beginning you can do it yourself. If after 1-2 months daily sit-in also does not do you any problems or peace so you can join a master Meditation Center or meditation course. To learn meditation leading meditation centers in India Self-Realization Fellowship Society, Art of Living, Isha Foundation, Mother Amritanandmayi Ashram, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Brahmakumari Ashram, D'Vine Yoga — Yoga School in Rishikesh, etc.

12) Meditation Benefits: Mind and body versatility, volatility stops, Carefully nervousness away, makes it possible to follow the rules and discipline in life.
The development of the mental powers of attention. Creativity increases. - problems or stress does not dominate you. - anger, petulance nervous system away (nervous system) remains cool. - Carefully health improves, the heart rate remains normal. Blood remains in pressure control. - think carefully mind studies. Potential physical and mental labor is increasing. And many other benefits also come.

Experience with meditation.

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☼ Student of yoga since childhood
☼ 500 Hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance
☼ 950 Hour Therapeutic AYTTC under accreditation from International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT)
☼ Post-graduation in Yoga Philosophy