02 October 2014

Yesterday I received my letter from my doctor's surgery requesting I attend for my annual flu jab. I am entitled to have this done every year as I am asthmatic. I don't remember the last time I had an asthma attack - they no longer occur since I have lost all the excess weight.

Last month I went for a pre-op assessment for a minor operation that I have been waiting for. My blood pressure was recorded as normal and my resting heart rate was showing lower that what is normal for a fifty year old. I was told that this is due to my high fitness levels. A low resting heart rate means that your heart is efficient at transporting oxygenated blood throughout your body with each pump. The more efficient your heart is, the lower your heart rate.

A few months ago I went for my six monthly check up to find that my cholesterol levels are even lower and that there are no indications of any diabetes.

So how well are you?

Are you looking after your wellbeing to keep yourself healthy as you get older?

Considerations to assess your level of wellness could include:


In recent blog posts I listed the advantages of undertaking both cardiovascular activity and weight training resistance programs as we get older. This promotes mental health, reducing risk of disease, strengthening of bone structure and increasing longetivity. Are you undertaking any form of exercise regime - even walking or just moving around more?

Healthy eating

I have also posted in the past regarding healthy diet regimens and these can be seen in my nutrition section. Your diet doesn't have to be squeaky clean and in fact there is a lot of consideration nowadays toward "flexible dieting" whereupon you can meet your daily macronutrients and still have some of those foods that you enjoy that perhaps aren't necessarily classified as being healthy!


Are you taking any form of supplementation as you age to promote your wellbeing? Multivitamins, green tea, healthy fats etc. are all factors that could be part of your regimen to promote your wellbeing.

Medical Checks

Are you visiting your doctor regularly to have assessments done on your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, resting heart rate, even cancers? Early detection can help resolve issues quickly and perhaps prevent ailments from even arising. There is no point bolting the door after the horse has gone.

Toxic Habits

Are you over consuming alcohol or smoking too much? Perhaps it is time for a self assessment of these and seek external help if required.

Massage Therapy

Again something I have posted in a recent blog highlighting the benefits of deep tissue massage particularly if you are an active sports person as part of your healthy regimen.

So how well are you? Is it time for an assessment as you get older? I know a while back I went for tests and got a nasty surprise, but have since taken action and turned things around. Perhaps you need to know how well your really are?

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My name is Kenny McDowell - 50 years young ! I was fat not so long ago and have in just 2 years transformed my physique from what it was losing 60 lbs on the way to become a champion fitness model. To find out how I did it and see if you can do the same - just visit My Story page. http://www.physiqueoverfifty.co.uk/my-story/