In this part, we will talk about on the best way to do the Database Testing utilizing Selenium WebDriver. As we know that WebDriver API is just great to test a web application utilizing different internet browsers, consequently, so as to incorporate database testing for example putting away or recovering test information from the database we have to utilize the JDBC Connection ("Java Database Connectivity").
What is JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)?
It is a Java API which cooperates with the database in the wake of securing a database association and executing SQL explanations. selenium training in Bangalore - This API interfaces the Java Programming dialects with different databases with the assistance of their database drivers. Following are the classes and interfaces that are given by the JDBC API.
• Driver Manager: This class restores a database association object subsequent to tolerating DB association URL, username and secret key.
• Driver: This is database explicit driver that helps in making JDBC association with the database.
• Connection: It is an interface that can give data depicting its table, its bolstered SQL language; it’s put away strategies, the abilities of this association, etc.
• Statement: It is an interface to the pre-accumulated article that is utilized to proficiently execute SQL articulations into the database.
• ResultSet: It is an interface to the item that keeps up a cursor indicating its present column of information. At first, the cursor is situated before the primary column. The following technique moves the cursor to the following line and returns a Boolean esteem when they got columns from database exists.
• SQLException: It is a special case class that characterizes the different SQL exemptions. When we execute any SQL explanation by means of JDBC association then it is obligatory to get SQL exemption through this class.
Case of Database Testing Using Selenium WebDriver and JDBC
MySQL Database and workbench Installation:
JDBC Connection, Eclipse Setup, and Selenium WebDriver:
As talked about before in this section, we need a driver class to stack so as to make a JDBC association. The SQL connector driver class can be downloaded from beneath connection.
When you download the compress record '', unfasten to see the container inside which is our real driver document.
Following are the means to setup overshadow for JDBC Connection.
Stage 1: Right-click on the selenium bundle and explore as 'Fabricate Path' > 'Design Build Path… '
Stage 2: Click on the 'Libraries' tab and snap on the 'Include External JARs… ' catch and select the way when we have downloaded and unfastened 'mysql-connector-java-5.1.39.jar' record as appeared as follows. Snap on the Open catch to finish this progression.
Stage 3: Click on the OK catch to complete the develop way set
Stage 4: Once driver class is set up, execute the test content
• Make a Database association: We are making the MySQL DB association in the wake of stacking the JDBC driver and with the assistance of ConnectionManager This class requires URL, username, and secret phrase as appeared.
• Execute SQL inquiries in Database by means of JDBC association: We have made a SQL to choose a record (here URL and title) from the database. With the assistance selenium courses in Bangalore of Statement interface and 'createStatement' technique for Connection interface, we are getting this SQL in the pre-incorporated state.
• Process the arrival result set from the database: In this progression, we are executing the pre-incorporated SQL with the assistance of 'executeQuery' technique which restores an outcome set that contains URL and title as appeared.
• WebDriver Web Testing: We are utilizing the URL gotten from the database to stack the site utilizing Firefox WebDriver. The driver is getting the title of the page that URL loads. This title is contrasted and the title recovered from the database.
• Output
• Since title recovered from the database matches with the title got from the site, along these lines our test content has printed Test has Passed!

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