Would you believe me if I told you that in just moments
you could rid yourself of stress, anxiety, headaches,
cravings for food or cigarettes, or any other nagging
complaint? Would you believe me if I told you that you
can restore your sense of peace, calm and wellbeing
in the midst of any crisis? If you think it sounds like
a miracle, I would tell you it is! Emotional Freedom
Technique is changing lives and is spreading like
wildfire. Individuals and organizations are experiencing
the remarkable effects of this wonderful technique and
they are talking. And TAPPING! Have I piqued your
interest yet?

EFT is a psychological form of acupuncture that
involves tapping with your fingertips on energy
meridian endpoints on the body while remembering or
experiencing a negative situation of any sort. Developed
by Gary Craig, a Stamford engineer, EFT is one of the
most advanced forms of Energy Psychology and is
bringing rapid relief to people around the world. It’s
based on the premise that all negative emotions stem
from a disruption in the body’s energy system which
in turn leads to discomfort, illness, pain and unhealthy
behavior. Numerous studies have shown that cravings,
addictions and physical aliments are emotionally based
and disappear when the emotional/energetic disruption

is addressed. Emotional Freedom Technique rebalances
the energetic disruption in just minutes, virtually
rewiring the body and restoring balance. When applied
to specific situations such as cravings, headaches,
anxiety, fear, and the like, it offers quick and long lasting
results thus making it more effective than traditional
psychotherapy. Another benefit of this magic technique
is that it’s easy to learn and is literally always at your

Imagine having a tool that in moments can dissolve
your insatiable cravings for that pint of ice cream or
pound of chocolate and allow you to instead eat it in
healthy moderation. Imagine clearing the underlying
emotions out of your system so they no longer run the
show. Food becomes an ally for your health instead of
your enemy, and your weight naturally stabilizes.

Picture yourself at work with an approaching deadline,
a never-ending workload and people pulling at you
from all directions. You feel the tension rising and are
ready to blow. Instead of losing your temper or reaching
for that cigarette or manifesting a headache, you tap for
a few minutes and feel the stress melt away. You are
now relaxed, centered and much more productive!

The value this brings to both employee and employer
is remarkable. Businesses lose billions of dollars yearly
due to lost productivity, absenteeism and expensive
health care costs. Wellness is an inside job, and clearing

out negativity fosters that wellbeing along with
healthier lifestyle choices. This translates to greater
energy, productivity and enthusiasm and in addition to
money saved, company goals are achieved at a faster

Are you an athlete? Do you play golf or tennis? What
if you could take a few strokes off your game? What if
you could take a few minutes to tap before you play
your next tennis match and emerge on the court calmer,
more confident and focused? Pro golfers are tapping
on the golf course to reduce negative self-chatter and
performance anxiety, sharpen their focus, erase visions
of previous mistakes and lessen distractions. Peak
performance requires a balanced and focused mental
state and EFT can get you and keep you there very

EFT is also invaluable for improving relationships. I
teach my clients to tap before they speak! Instead of
lashing out with harmful words when your partner
or children do something that angers you, simply tap
first. Within a few minutes, the anger will melt away
restoring your inner balance and peace. You’ll be
amazed at the transformation within you and you will
now say what you need to from a centered rather than
reactive state of being. Tapping doesn’t change the facts
but changes our own energy and emotions around them
so that we are not as bothered by circumstances. We
actually can effect greater change that way.

The wonder and beauty of EFT is in the transformation
it brings to those who use it. Tapping daily on the little
stresses and negative conversations, the pains and
cravings, the hurts and disappointments, simply clears
our energy system and restores a sense of wellbeing
and optimum health. EFT is also used to tap in positive
suggestions and affirmations for what we wish to
manifest. It’s easy to learn and most people find a
certain degree of relief when tapping on their own.
For deeper and more long lasting results, it is wise to
work with a trained practitioner who uses their skills,
experience and intuition to turn this healing modality
into an art form. The benefits and wonders of EFT are
endless. Tap to your health!

Author's Bio: 

Ellen Richter is an experienced EFT practitioner, Life
Coach and Reiki Master who teaches the most advanced
techniques in Energy Psychology. In addition to her
private practice, Ellen is bringing EFT to organizations for
workplace stress reduction and improved productivity. Her
years of training and experience combine with her natural
intuition, passion, and ability to find solutions, making her
a leader in her field. Ellen has degrees in Psychology and
Special Education, is a member of the elite Phi Beta Kappa
society, and continues to further her education. Ellen can be
reached at 631 326 6116 or el@lawofattractionfun.com