In developed countries all around the world, average life expectancy is on the rise. Not only are people living to a more advanced age, they are also staying healthier well into their seventies, eighties, and nineties. Finally, the so-called ‘golden years’ are turning out to be pretty special.

This doesn’t mean that getting older is always easy. As the years add up, the body becomes increasingly fragile and it requires more care and attention. Healthy eating, regular exercise, and a nicotine-free lifestyle stop being things that you can just talk about achieving. They are your secret to a strong, happy body and a sharp mind, no matter what your age.

This guide to common age-related illnesses will explain why staying fit and healthy is essential.

Osteomalacia (Soft Bones)

Like osteoporosis, osteomalacia is a bone-related condition. It is characterised by softening of the bones, usually as a result of insufficient Vitamin D and calcium. The causes and symptoms of osteomalacia make for pretty sober reading, but prevention is simple.

You just need to make sure that you get plenty of both minerals. Ideally, you should be acquiring Vitamin D from exposure to the sun and calcium from a balanced diet, but it can be hard to achieve this. If you struggle, supplements are a great way to boost your levels.

Macular Degeneration (Vision Loss)

Macular degeneration involves the loss of fine vision. So, as you get older, your ability to clearly see small details degrades. To some extent, this is a natural consequence of ageing and you shouldn’t worry about a small amount of impairment.

However, the risk of serious macular degeneration jumps from 2% to a rather scary 30% for the over seventy-fives. This means that regular eye exams are strongly advised. The faster potential problems are identified, the better the chance of treating them.

Presbycusis (Hearing Loss)

This is the most common form of age-related hearing loss. It impairs the ability to hear high-pitched noises. Another common impairment is caused by consistent exposure to unsuitably loud sounds. You can develop this at any age, but it becomes more noticeable when older.

As with eye problems, the best thing to do is eat a healthy diet and schedule regular exams. Where possible, avoid exposure to noises above eighty-five decibels. When listening to earphones, don’t have them on the highest volume. Wear earplugs at live music shows.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in adults over the age of sixty-five, so this is one of the most serious dangers. Small amounts of hearing and vision loss can be handled by most, but coronary damage is permanent and deadly.

As you get older, you must take care of your heart by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and cutting down on cigarettes and alcohol. You should visit your GP for regular blood pressure checks and monitor your cholesterol levels.


It is possible to develop diabetes at any age, but the risk soars for older people with unhealthy lifestyles. To control it, be sensible about the amount of sugar that you consume. Fill your diet with wholemeal alternatives, because white bread, pasta, and rice are full of sugar.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, there are a lot of great options. It can be a tricky condition to manage at first, but skilful management does result in a healthy body. People with diabetes can live very happy, strong lives but they must follow medical advice on diet and exercise.

Why Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle, eating well, and staying active are all things that you can incorporate into your regular routines. They don’t require any special resources or investments, so there’s no excuse. Taking care of your body needs to become an unconscious reflex, something that you barely think twice about because it’s just a part of being you.

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