West Ridge Academy can help parents connect with their adopted children who need help. Establishing that connection with an adopted child can be one of the most difficult and sensitive things for parents to accomplish. West Ridge Academy says that a child can grow and become close to his or her adopted parents by following these simple guidelines.

Physical Connection

Same with any other normal kids, adopted children need hugs and encouragement on a regular basis. Don’t feel like you can’t provide comfort to your adopted child. This provides them the confidence to believe that everything will turn out for the better despite the change in environment and will ultimately lead to a closer relationship between the parents and the adopted child. A hug can do wonders for a child who is trying to fit into new surroundings. What your adopted child needs the most is love and comfort from you.

Emotional Attention

Another way to connect with your adopted child is to sit down and listen to them. Be responsive to what they have to say. If they hailed from another country, coax them into opening about their day-to-day conditions back home. This will help you understand your adopted child a little better. Never tune them out, always be willing and able to communicate.

How to Bond With Boys

In tryingto connect with a male child, you must try and be able to participate in boys' games and activities. Go outside and throw a ball around, work on a project together, and find out what his interests are. Make it a point t be actively involved with his life from now on, and consciously try to make him feel welcome and part of your family as best as you can. Once you show that interest in him, he’ll be more able to open up and become comfortable with you. West Ridge Academy is there to provide support for parents to make this all-important connection with their adopted children as well as provide professional advice.

How to Connect With Girls

You must be able to relate or particpate in games and activities that girls usually do, if you want to establish that connection with a female adopted child. For instance, mommy can take her out for shopping or do some groceries, or such other things that girls usually do. Participating in some cooking lessons together can provide some good opportunities for bonding as well. It's also important that the father should show some level of interest in these kinds of activities as well, in order to be able to relate with the adopted child. One way to do this is to find something fun to do together such as going to the movies, taking a walk, or going to the zoo. Girls may need more attention than boys, hence you must make sure that she gets that adequate level of security in your company.

Addressing That Culture Gap

One tricky challenge in an adoption might be the cultural differences between parents and the adopted child. Bridge this gap by doing cultural things with them. Try dining at a restaurant that serves food which they are accustomed to eating back in their native land, celebrate their national holidays if possible, or learn a little of their language. Or better yet, if you have extra funds to spare, you can try and schedule a trip back home to their native country and plan a comprehensive list of things to do while you're there. Try getting together with other parents who have adopted children from that country and plan a group trip. West Ridge Academy can assist you in coming up with ways and activities to help bridge this cultural gap between you and your adopted child.

Original Parents

If the adopted child ever expresses an interest in their real parents, you should work with the child so they can learn as much about their parents as possible. This could prove to be heavily emotional for the adopted child to you must make it a point to be there for your child for that much-needed emotional support. This is one positive way for your adopted child to cope with his new situation and move forward with a better perspective.

Continuing Support

Make sure to provide that much-needed support to your adopted child as much as possible. Make them feel comfortable and secure in their new surroundings. Take the time out of your life no matter how busy you are to give your adopted child as much of your attention and love as possible. The rewards will be well worth your effort over the long run. If you are in a family strained by an adoption or having issues with an adopted child, be sure to contact West Ridge Academy to get that support for your family.

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