For the longest time, the internet has been awash with all these different diets that claim to be the right way towards a healthier lifestyle. Some celebrities even endorse their favorite diet as if they have discovered the fountain of youth, even if other celebrities are calling the same diet as nothing but a joke.

So which one do you follow? And do these diets apply to your child's needs as well? The truth is: these so-called fad diets that are proliferating all over the web have been designed with adults in mind. When it comes to your child you need to understand that children have different dietary needs simply because they are still growing and are much more active than most adults, hence they will need all the nutrients that they can get.

According to West Ridge Academy, following are some important things to remember when you think of a proper diet for your child.

You need to train your child to eat the right foods. This means that if you start them early towards eating the right food groups it is conceivable that they will develop a permanent taste for these foods even as they become adults. Just be aware of any allergies that your child may have against certain foods however. As soon as you notice that your child is having some kind of reactions or irritations to a certain type of food, consult your doctor right away and avoid giving him the said type of food in the future unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Having the right diet is vital for growth. Children need an array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order for their bodies to fully grow and develop. An estimated 96% of all children worldwide are reportedly not getting enough of the right kind of foods and nutrients recommended by the Food Pyramid, as recent studies would show. They must be given food that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which are all vital for growth and development of teeth and bones. The absence or deficiency of these foods from their diet will cause the children to have health issues later on in life such as weak and brittle bones as well as dental problems and bleeding gums.

The correlation between good nutrition and brain development. West Ridge Academy states that it was found out from recent studies that there is a direct correlation between proper nutrition and kids' high scores in exams. Children who were identified to have been given proper nutrition tend to have higher scores than those who lack the proper diet. Furthermore, results also showed that nutrition plays a part in the aggressiveness of children at school and their attention in classes.

West Ridge Academy says that the primary food groups should be well represented in children's diets in order for them to get the required nutrients to support their daily energy needs. This should include carbohydrates like bread or pasta, protein sources like meat and fish, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs, milk and other dairy products.

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