Being a devoted organization for teens and young ones, West Ridge Academy is an institution that can help you lead your wild teen into becoming a better person. Belligerent teens can also be dealt with by their parents through the parenting strategies that are taught by West Ridge Academy.

Encouraging an effective way of communication is the essential first step according to West Ridge Academy.

Instill Respectful Attitude in Your Teen

In order for you to be able to teach your child to be respectful of others, he must first learn how to channel his anger in an acceptable manner.
Each one of us have one or two experiences of hostility and despair, but what makes us mature is the way we handle our feelings.
One of the rules you should set in your mind is to never scold your child when she uses a normal tone in her speech.
~ Let your child express herself and listen to her.

Never forget that your child requires a good outlet of her feelings so they would not accumulate and burst someday.
You ought to know that there are proper words and voice tones that can be used by your teens when they express their anger.

West Ridge Academy also advises parents not to scold their teens for every single wrongdoing they’ve done.

Never Sort Rules for Everything

If your child is doing something wrong which is not necessarily that serious or damaging, allow her to go through the process sometimes by not stopping him/her.
She can learn best when she commits a mistake. Too much positive attention to your teen, on the other hand, is also not wanted. With this in mind, never yell at your child and call him with names.
It is not recommended to criticize your child for every wrong deed she does. Let your child realize that she needs to learn the life lessons on her own, but remain nearby just in case she needs you.
Give some space to your teenage child
You must have a positive outlook and instead of hollering at the child every step of the way, try to be a little more patient and give him a little more room to figure things out on their own.

Consider Her Negative and Positive Qualities

On your daily meetings with your teen, always assess her behavior. Always consider the different good and bad sides of your child.
Impassive Resistance Should Be Avoided
Don’t focus on the naughtiness of your child; concentrate on your goal. This might be a positive sign because it serves as a signal that your child is reacting to your strategies. Don’t resort into reprimanding or reproaching your teen, as this would convert passive resistance to absolute defiance. You need to express your consideration for her temperament so the lesson could do deeper in her even if the passive resistance becomes her regular attitude. In the end, it’s always best to ignore passive resistance.
As mentioned, you should not create so many rules that are not necessary. A child needs to be able to make their own decisions so let them decide on things you don’t really care about. Do not forget that today’s concerns of teenagers aren’t exactly similar to the concerns of past generations. Only when you are flexible enough with your rules, and staying away from imposing arbitrary discipline, can you then expect your teen to seriously abide by them.
Never fight your teen head-on; allow them to experience the natural consequences of their actions. Ultimately, West Ridge Academy suggests a combination of calmness and patience for parents who want to approach their enraged and belligerent teens.

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