Stories are always passed around about sad things that happen to people who drink too much. It may be as petty as a showbiz starlet unintentionally flashing the media in a fit of drunkenness, or as sad as an upcoming young star's lights suddenly burning out due to a horrible car accident he was involved in as he attempted to drive under the influence.

These incidents may be sad but sometimes we just have a difficulty believing that these could also happen to us since we are confident that we have such well-behaved children in the first place.

As per West Ridge Academy, these things happen all the time and there are even more horrific and tragic stories than the ones given above that it just baffles the mind why people still insist on drinking with reckless abandon. What if you are suddenly confronted with the knowledge that your teen has actually been drinking behind your back all this time and hiding it from you all along?

Listed below are some suggestions from West Ridge Academy in the event that you would be confronted with such a situation: Do not go overboard once you find out, nor show that you are scared, mad or go into a state of denial. It's also crucial that you do not force the issue with your teen while he's still under the spirit. Waiting for the right time when your blood is no longer boiling and your teen is no longer nursing a hangover would actually be a better idea. In that manner, you will have a better discussion and your teenager will be much more receptive to your ideas. However, you should discuss the issue within the next 24 hours otherwise you will lose some of the point in trying to talk to him about it in the first place.

Lay out firm guidelines regarding drinking. Punishments should be meted out for every infraction including this one. It's also critical that the severity of punishment increases for every time that he's caught drinking, e.g. if he's grounded for one month on the 1st offense then the 2nd offense should be for a period of two months, and so on and so forth.
Let him know that he will be under close scrutiny from this point on. Some additional measures could be the imposition of curfews, frequent check-ins, or having his car installed with a GPS monitoring system until such time that he can regain his once lofty standing in your perception.

Encouraging him to seek additional counsel or go to support groups may also be a good idea, especially if you think that he's actually deeper into the habit than initially anticipated. Show him the support that he needs throughout this ordeal and let him know that you love him and that these interventions need to be done for his own good before it’s too late.

In parting, West Ridge Academy says that you should not forget to follow through on all the identified corrective actions. This will reinforce to him that you are not kidding and that this is a serious matter for which you will carry out every thing that you say. Look at this as a test in your relationship that you must hurdle, for which you will have the opportunity to forge an even stronger bond if you somehow manage to successfully pull through.

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