Western boots are also known as cowboy boots and are worn by many people today who are not cowboys! They have come a long way from those days when ranchers and cowboys wore them on the ranch or whilst working with their livestock. Western boots have designs and patterns on them that are unique and very different from the norm and there are boots for working as well as those for dancing! You can find traditional western boots that come up to mid-calf and they typically have a heel that is over an inch high and these heels are angled. These boots usually have pointed toes although round shaped ones can also be found on western boots. When buying a pair of western boots, consider the various reasons you are purchasing them.

There are various designs you can choose from for walking in or for work. Western boots can be expensive but they can last you a very long time if you buy one made from good quality cow hide leather. You can even buy boots that are made from lizard, alligator, elephant, sting-ray, ostrich and snake skin. You even have the option to buy boots made from synthetic material and they will be cheaper but they will not last as long and they don’t necessarily break in well. It all depends on your budget, how comfortable you are wearing them and the occasion you are buying them for. When you buy western boots, buy one that is snug fitting because as you wear them and break them in, they will loosen up.

The only way to properly break them in is to walk in them. A point to note is if they have pointed toes, remember to go up half to one size up to make it more comfortable to walk in. You can have amazing looks pairing your western boots with various outfits such as dresses that are long or short. With the many various styles, designs and colors available nowadays, you can buy one that goes with most of the outfits you want to pair them with. Western boots look especially good with boot-cut jeans and can be worn from winter to spring months and from casual to formal events as long as they are paired with the correct outfit. With their distinctive stitching style, western boots can be very unique in their designs. Not only do some boots feature decorative stitching but they also have complex designs and patterns. You can also find boots that feature cut-outs outlined in more stitching with contrasting colors.

Although the classic design of western boots has relatively low heels, fashion has evolved the height of heels and you can now find boots for women with stiletto heels. You can also find boots in suede as well as those with accessories that glitter. These boots even come with rhinestones, buckles, etc. These types of decorations are usually found in boots for women and have proved to be very popular fashion-wise. As long as you try your boots on before you buy them and break them in properly, keeping your budget in mind, you will be very happy with your pair of western boots.

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