Western Glass Restoration and Tinting is an Orange County, CA, based firm and the industry leader for past several years. It is the most trusted name in the business community when it comes to glass restoration in Los Angles. Our glass restoration system is equipped with the latest techniques and gives remarkable results on all types of glasses and efficiently removes scratches from glass surface.

The glass scratch removal is done through a machine instead of a glaze or chemical as it can remove graffiti from glass completely giving it a brand new look. Graffiti removal from glass actually helps to increase its strength as a scratch on a glass is considered to be a stress. Our technicians are highly skilled and remove scratches from glass with complete diligence and create a structurally strong piece of glass.

Scratch removal from glass can be done even on curved surfaces keeping few factors in mind and serves as the most pocket friendly alternative for the users. In such a way, our team offers a comprehensive window cleaning and window frame restoration so that the expensive window replacement is not required anymore.

Western Glass Restoration and Tinting also provides great quality anti graffiti films that is a validated solution to mitigate graffiti damage in a cost effective manner. If the windows are tinted, it becomes quite easy to remove etchings from the glass. Installing an anti graffiti film can save you a huge sum of money as it is specially designed to provide an almost invisible, removable surface that can lessen or even eliminate the need of expensive glass replacement.

We boast of using the best in class products while serving our esteemed customers. For window tinting, we use our exclusive Armorcoat and Solar Gard brands that symbolize complete safety and security for your property. Our Armorcoat films give you many additional benefits over normal films and safeguard you against the most serious hazards. Our Armorcoat films provide protective coatings to increase the shatter- resistance and hold the broken glass in place and thus, they are used in the major government buildings as well.

We also provide stainless steel repair services by buffing and polishing the scratch to give the stainless steel surface a brand new look and make your steel appliances shiny once again.

Western Glass Restoration and tinting offers the innovative sign restoration services through a number of steps. First, we restore the dents and scratches, then we fix the chipped off paint and then finally, we double check everything and make sure that you are fully contented with the freshly restored sign.

We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver them the best results.



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