Self-improvement does not happen by itself. There may be some part which we can improve without a focus. Yet, to live a happier, more fulfilling and peaceful life it is important to understand the definitions of key words that are central to the overall theme of self-improvement business coaching. In a way, these words provide some key tips on self-improvement.

Personal Foundation: The personal foundation is comprised of three elements: the Who, the What, and the How. Your personal foundation will determine where and how far you can go in your self-improvement. The good news is that your personal foundation can be made stronger.

Personal Growth/Development: Personal growth and development is the overall process of evolving to fully express your purpose and values.

Self: Our “self” is who we are versus the terms we use to label ourselves. It is our distinct personality that creates our individuality. We draw upon this self as we are called upon to respond to the world.

Integrity: Integrity is a state of personal wholeness, well-being, and fulfillment—not something to achieve, but rather a statement of our being. It is a reflection of who you are in any moment and is the dynamic relationship you maintain between purpose and path. Integrity, in my opinion, is one the key words in guiding us to a better life.

Values: Values are ideals that are personally important and meaningful for you and draw you forward. Values are inherent in each person’s makeup; we all have them. For example, people often value honesty, openness, and respect in a conversation.

It is important to know your values. It is critical to know the values of those you associate with. As a personal development business coach or when I am doing personal business coaching I strongly encourage my clients to know the values of those they associate with.

In self-improvement coaching, I always ask my clients to identify their values. When you know your values, your self-improvement can rise to a higher level because you will make better decisions that will honor you and your gifts and talents.

In the next post we will continue with some more definitions to bring more clarity to your self-improvement.

The conclusion was that someone can tell you they have good values. Yet, without a frame of reference we cannot know if they are good or not. A group of thieves all have the same values. And they think those are good values. Always know the values of others. What tips on self-improvement can we take away from this story?

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Steve Scott is a personal business coach, author and speaker.An entrepreneur for most of his career, his experience includes ,retail, service, manufacturing and international. He brings a diverse background and experience to his clients which run the spectrum from individuals to small business to large corporations.