I was in a drive-thru line at Starbuck’s last week when I had the sudden urge to do a random act of kindness. I paid for the coffee of the person behind me. What was a very pleasant morning all of a sudden turned into an exceptional morning because I stepped outside of myself to make a stranger's day a bit brighter.

There was a time in my life when random act of kindness needed to be done in the presence of the receiver so that I would receive the praise of a ‘job well done’. I realized over time that my ego was involved since it craved the stroking of positive affirmation. Makes you wonder if the random act of kindness was more for the receiver or for me.

I realized my ego was heavily involved the day I was with a group of friends and we were talking about this topic. One of my friends stated that they strive to do one random act of kindness every day and if possible; they strive to do it anonymously. ‘What’s the point in that!’ is what my ego was screaming inside my head.

They shared that examples they will collect stray shopping carts in the parking lots into the corrals most grocery store chains have. Another example is if they have a bag in the car, they will collect trash as they walk from the parking lot into their place of employment.

But then they also listed some things that I hadn’t really thought about. They make it a point to call or drop a card into the mail of an elderly relative just letting them know they were thinking of them that day.

That conversation gave me pause that I was not looking enough outside of myself as to what is happening around me and the possibility if I would do just a wee bit more for other people it makes for a happier world.

I can honestly say I don’t start out my day each day stating I will do a random act of kindness. However; I have found myself in parking lots assisting elderly put groceries in the car; taking that grocery cart someone has just unloaded into the store for me to use. I also make it a point put my grocery cart in the corral even with wind chill below zero and the snow if flying.

And as I was driving was from Starbuck's last week, I didn't even have the urge to look in the rearview mirror to see the expression of the driver as they were told I purchased their coffee. I knew they'd be happy; my ego didn't need to see the smile as an acknowledgement.

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Debbi Dickinson has been a single divorced mother for 9 years. She has a teenage daughter. Debbi is also a recovered alcoholic for 9 years who’s marriage didn’t survive her getting sober.

Newly sober and divorced she struggled with reclaiming her life and writes about her experiences in her blogs. Through her own mistakes, she shares her experience, strength and hope for the bright future which today she now enjoys.

She is intimately familiar with the struggles of single parents endure whether it’s answering our children’s questions about divorce, spending holidays alone or finding love again. She also tackles topics such as dealing with ex-spouse, setting boundaries and steps to reclaiming You!

Debbi is widely published including being regularly featured in Huffington Post.