What about your True Self?

Do you think that your True Self suffers from Anxiety? What does it do within you? Do you know where your true Self is located? Have you ever thought of it?
Most people do not make any difference between their body and their Self. Do you? Should you? What do you think about this question?
It is a good thing to dedicate some thoughts to this question. Your body expresses emotions that stem from your unconscious mind, like anxiety or joy or pain, or grief. Some of these emotions stem from your mind and are expressed by your body. Although your body and your unconscious mind are different one from the other, they are firmly related. But they are not your true Self. This lies deep within you. Your true Self is who you really are. Do you know yourself? Do you know what your life purpose is? Do you understand that every human being is here on Earth with a mission? It is very important to find out what your mission is. Your mission is also your passion. Once you have discovered your passion, you understand that life is meant to be easy. Even if there are ups and downs, curves, plains.
You then know that they belong to your way but that they cannot harm you. Each difficulty represents a challenge. And as such it helps you to grow, it helps you to overcome your anxiety. With each step forward, you are growing and you become more joyous. Each step brings you closer to your true Self. Your true Self is Who You Are.
Sometimes it is difficult to find out who we are. But if you listen to your inner voice, you will find out what you truly want. You certainly do not want to continue to suffer from anxiety. You want to free yourself from the feeling of being the anxiety-prisoner , free yourself from your suffering.
Listening more often to your inner voice will help you to discover the strength that is within yourself. This strength is exactly what can help you to overcome anxiety. It can show you where your true self is and what it means for you. It is the place where you can find peace of mind, where you can find your life’s purpose, your mission and your passion.
Once you will have found out, you will know that life is a fantastic gift.
Enjoy your gift, that is your life and give thanks for it.

Author's Bio: 

I am Swiss. a professional translator, author and coach. who teaches EFT, EmoTrance, Remap,SpringForestQiGong and LOA. My aim is to help people get rid of their anxiety and related problems