A beautiful, confident smile is something that many people dream about. It's also a right for everyone to feel good and look better. Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai can enhance your smile in many ways. There are both non-invasive and invasive options. Braces, aligners, and many other options are available. Aligners in Dubai are the best option. They not only deliver extraordinary results, but they also take much less time than other options.

What are Aligners?

Aligners are also known as invisible braces in Dubai. They correct bad bites and crooked teeth. These aligners are a discreet, removable alternative to braces. They are designed for comfort and flexibility. Each patient will receive a set of custom-made aligner trays made of BPA-free plastic. Each tray allows the teeth to be subtly moved by each tray. Aligner trays need to be changed every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure that your teeth are straight and level. How many aligner trays are required will depend on how severe your misalignment is. Some aligners won't touch your gums at all. They fit snugly around your gum line.


If properly used and implanted, teeth aligners can provide many benefits. Its key benefits include:

Straightening Ability:

Invisalign transparent aligners can straighten your teeth in half the time as traditional braces. The average length of treatment for people who have conventional braces with wires and brackets is 12 to 24 months. You can straighten your teeth with clear aligners within six to twelve months.

Easy to Wear Under Comfort

Aligners, unlike traditional braces, are not attached to your teeth. Instead, aligners are placed on top of the teeth and worn at least 22 hours daily. You can take them out for a meal or drink. They are also more comfortable than traditional braces. Aligners eliminate the risk of cutting metal wires or brackets, as they are flexible and comfortable.

There are fewer visits to the clinic:

Traditional aligners gradually reposition your teeth using a series of aligners. The average wearing time for each tray is two weeks. After two weeks, you'll switch to the next tray in the series. You will see the dentist less often, or maybe only every six to eight weeks.

Enhances Health:

Straightening your teeth will result in better oral health and well-being. Straight teeth make it easier to floss and brush your teeth. This is because your teeth will be easier to clean of food and plaque.

Simple Cleaning

Clear, removable aligners can be removed when you're ready to eat. They also allow you to clean and polish your teeth and gums.

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