This is an interesting question which plagues many parents - what age is appropriate to start dating?

In determining whether you should let your child start dating or not, here are some things to think about.

If you do decide your child is ready to start dating you may want to moderate and help them plan their date. Here is some Date ideas for teens to get you started! The dates included here are very age appropriate so it is a great resource for teenagers and parents alike!

The Age of the child

Your first need to consider the age of the child. Most children start dating at around 14-15 years of age.

This is generally the age when the brain has developed enough to make their own sensible adult decisions.

If your child is over 15 years old it probably is appropriate to let them start dating.

If your child is under 15 you might want to think about some other factors first.

What type of date is it?

If your child is under 15, it may be necessary to consider the type of date.

Is it a serious one on one date or a 'date' in a group of friends.

You may allow your child to go on a date in a group of friends but not a one on one date until they get older.

Where the date is occurring?

Another thing to think about is where the date is going to happen. Is it in a public or private place.

You may want to stipulate that the date is to happen only at home. If that is something you want to do, here are some At home date ideas to help your teen out!

Are their friends dating yet?

An important thing to consider is whether their friends have started dating.

Not allowing your child to date when their peers have started dating can cause them to resent you in the future.

If you think there is a good and reasonable reason why you are not allowing them to do so, it is advisable that you sit down and explain that reason to them.

Most children start dating in High School

Maturity levels

Another factor to consider in deciding whether your kid can start dating is their maturity levels - are they ready and mature enough to make adult decisions alone?

If your child is under 15 and you believe they don't have a maturity level of an adult yet you may want to discourage dating for a while.

What age did you start dating?

Something to think about is what age you started dating and whether you felt ready to do so or not.

Started dating at 13? Did you feel ready and mature? This might affect the decision about your child.

Teenage Dating

If you do decide that you are happy to let your young adult start starting then here are some awesome date ideas for them:

- A movie at home
- Baking some yummy fall goodies
- A date at a local coffee shop (perhaps you could accompany them and sit at another table)
- A pool party with a group of friends


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