Some fights are very much essential and can’t be averted in any way. The fight with breast cancer is the same fight which is quite essential after the diagnosis. Breast cancer awareness urges for having an understanding of the situation.

Need to take practical measures:
The battle against breast cancer is not the one been fighting only in a battlefield or for a short duration. It is continuous fighting against the menace of breast cancer. One actually has to plan a long-lasting fight to secure life and health. There would surely be so many difficulties in this journey but one has to proceed by facing these hardships and by dispelling all such apprehensions that can make things worse. Just snub the despair and never allow it to enter in your life. The woman is indeed a beautiful and delicate creature of God, from this delicacy a woman has to fight out certain hardships and especially those which can directly put effects on the health.

Breast cancer is a common disease in women around the world has affected approximately 1.7 million women in 2012. The overall percentage was 25. We must have listened about the risk factors of breast cancer whether they are premenopausal or postmenopausal but in both cases, factors will also be changed from each other. The most important thing is the detection of the disease so that appropriate actions can be taken. In order to deal with this situation and to lessen the dangers, breast cancer awareness is very much essential. A proper campaign and program is always the most required phenomenon with immensely favorable outcomes. Reducing the risk factors is also one of the most important tasks that every individual has to perform. There might be few risk factors which can’t be averted like old age has a direct link with breast cancer. You can’t stop the growth of your age but can keep yourself in good and healthy shape and condition. Ductal carcinoma is the most common form of breast cancer and it starts growing in the duct cells. Another form or type is the lobular carcinoma which develops inside the lobs. There is another type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer which is though very rare. In this type of breast cancer, a breast seems very swollen, warm and red. Self-examination is the first thing that a woman can do by using any device like Breastlight so to find out the changes if any.

What more an individual can practice?
There are many and different types of treatments against breast cancer but they can only be chosen after having and knowing the whole history and condition of the patient as well as of the disease.

Following are a few of the treatment options.

• Surgery
• Radiotherapy
• Chemotherapy
• Hormone therapy
• Biological treatments

The selection of the treatment depends on the level of the disease as well as the condition and age of the patient. It is not possible to simplify about breast cancer treatment options for all the patients because they must have individual scenarios. More and more knowledge and tests are required before taking any decision about the treatment of the disease. Breast cancer awareness is a way forward to accomplish healthy aims.

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