Many of us want a little comparison
to see where our relationships stack up.
These occasional "check-ups" are pretty important to a lot of people,
but I think that for most people,
if you are asking these questions
you already know there is a problem.

So, if you are looking for examples of complicated relationships,
it is possible you have to look no further
than your own relationship.

There are many examples of complicated relationships
but if you want some specific tips this article can help.
I have listed some common issues that come up in many relationships.

Most of these things are common
and if they only happen occasionally
they may not really present a problem.
But, if they are happening all the time
you want to really be honest with yourself
about the strength, and future, of your relationship.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Do you and your partner argue all the time?
Some people, especially those that are new to dating and relationships,
sometimes mistake a lot of fighting for "passion".
The truth is that fighting all the time
is a huge warning sign.

Even if the makeup sex is great,
having to go through all that drama
all the time will get very old.

No matter what people say about relationships
taking time and work the reality
is that if you are with the right person,
someone you are compatible with
and share respect with,
the relationship simply does not take that much work.
It is only work when you are not compatible with your partner.

2. Is there a lack of respect in your relationship?
Do you truly respect your partner
and do they really respect you?
Respect can be shown in various ways... both with words and actions.

I used to accuse my ex of not treating me with respect.
Of course he didn't agree.
He would say that he respected me
but he was talking down to me
and saying negative things
about me to his friends and family.
Not really very respectful.

Make sure that you treat your partner with respect
and they do the same for you.
And, it's not enough to just say you respect them,
show them and put your money where your mouth is... talk is cheap.

3. Do the two of you enjoy doing the same things?
If you don't have any common interests
that is another sign that the two of you may not be compatible.

No one is saying that you have to be joined at the hip
and do everything together,
but if you don't have anything
that you enjoy doing together where does that leave you?

My ex never seemed to want to do anything with me.
He was very into sports,
but the problem is so was I.
I enjoyed the same things he did
yet he only ever wanted to go golfing
with his buddies and not his wife.

So, these three simple tips
might help you recognize
what traits you want your relationship
to have and which ones you want to avoid.
Examples of complicated relationships are found everywhere,
but you don't want them to show up in your relationships.

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