Internet, other than its elementary serve as an information base, seeks for many ways to link people. It gives dozens various kinds of communication, linking people on the base of their activities and motives. That’s why Facebook, Twiter, Messenger, Skype and additional social networks are so famous, they have working and amusing aim. You could dispense significant informations, news or events, but in the same time you could have a relaxed talk with your pals or with unknowns that like similar activities.

In this league of internet instruments for communication are contained the chat rooms, with the distinction that by their significance they are intended for talking about an idea that draws attention of people interested in that theme. Cyber talk came round the nineties as a subculture of role playing fanatics and a spot where they could free their experience in role playing games with additional chatters with same activities. Lovers of this kind of games found the use of these chat rooms not difficult and fun.

They are formed as an especial part of a website, or maybe own website, that gives a chance people to communicate right away. First off, the exchanging information via these chat rooms contained sending text messages only but now the members could use voice and upload images.

The process of entering into one of these places is not difficult and doesn’t demand for any especial effort. The only problem that you may find is encountering a chat space planned for an especial group of people and with a restriction who is permitted to check in. For example in places run by colleges, commonly only present and ex students are permitted to check in.

First you need to find a server that gratifies your activities. For instance, Nexxus Chat, Role Play Chat and Mystical Realms are sites that give a constant community of fantasy role players. You need a user name and password to check in. Users commonly don’t use real name when talking and some pages demand making a whole character. With the checking in the user could see who is participating, and with writing a message into a text box and hitting the "Enter" key, everyone else could see his message. That’s how the exchanging information begins and in some instances people only read messages without entering in the talk what is called "lurking."

Every space has its own rules that need to be esteemed but in the same time there are some universal rules - you never need to control a talk, insult someone or disturb someone. In the same time is considered as rude writing in all capital letters, what is alike yelling.

In any case, this is very appealing way to exchange information about your favourite themes or to be someone else only for a while.

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