We love to search for everything we are curious to know about. Google has all the answers to our question – so why not flip those search questions to figure out what the Americans are worried about.

Learning the problems that Americans explore on Google could tell us what every state values and finds significant. It might also foretell what difficulties societies around the country have, what aspects affect the US, and also what nationals’ political consequences are?

To decide what infects our nation most, Perfect Home Defense took a deep plunge into finding America’s top workplace, medical, driving, home, and public concerns. After gathering, organizing, and establishing this information, we used Google’s search data to examine and discover each state’s top safety concern. We have listed the outcomes below.

Most Searched Security Distresses In America
From sinking to clogging, forklift failures to federal government variations, the Americans have a lot of safety distresses.

Office Safety
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistic, 15% of all losses in 2014 were due to deteriorating to a lower level in the office. The hazards in a work environment are exceptional and various, however, the threats that the National Safety Council penned consist of working at elevations, poor maintenance, electrical threats, lockouts, forklifts, chemicals, and limited spaces.

As per our research, Nebraska, Ohio, Missouri, Wyoming, and Texas rank the top in searches for office related issues.

Driving Safety
Driving a car can be quite risky, and a lot of the US residents worry about the hazards they face on the road—and for a good cause. In 2016, about 41,000 people deceased in car crashes. Several people wonder about speeding, alcohol, unfocused driving, and car accidents and how these issues affect driving safety.

We discovered that New Hampshire, Virginia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, Minnesota, and North Dakota searched about, driving safety concerns the most.

Home Safety
The National Safety Council stated that 147,571 people expired from accidental injuries in 2015. Numerous mishaps could occur in the home, such as falls, break-in, rape, choking, suffocation, drowning, fires, burns, drug overdoses, gun violence, and suicide. A modern home monitoring system grants you the power to keep your house and family protected when you are not around.

Our discoveries specify that Idaho, New Jersey, Montana, Alabama, South Carolina, Delaware, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, South Dakota, Alaska, and Maine search for home safety-related concerns more than any other state.

Public Safety
Community safety concerns may be some of the most troublesome to Americans since these concerns rely on political affairs and the complete wellness of the United States. These issues consist of natural disasters, health care accessibility, financial fluxes, terrorist attacks, Social Security variations, income inconsistencies, starvation, homelessness, illegal immigration, drug use, redundancy rates, energy use, cultural differences, weather change, and air pollution.

We learned from our data that Indiana, New York, Idaho, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, California, Vermont, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Arizona, Connecticut, Nevada, Michigan, Oregon, and Utah search for public security concerns most often.

Medical Safety
In the US, two out of twenty hospitalized patients contracts healthcare developed infections. This is one of the several medical safety concerns that inhabit America’s opinions. Other difficulties include diagnostic mistakes, falls, prescription errors, readmissions, and wrong-site surgical procedure.

Of all the states in the United States, only Kansas looked for medical issues most. A medical pendant or a panic button is an ideal healthcare solution for elderly and healthcare patients.

What problems are you most concerned about? Does that subject match your state’s top search? Discuss this info with your loved ones and see how your opinions link, and let us work together to make sure our societies are as secure as imaginable by using safety measures.

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