WCBD or cannabidiol is an essential component found in cannabis plants. CBD, by itself, does not give the users the psychoactive “high” experience like its counterpart THC does.

According to the research that WHO conducted on CBD, there is little to no evidence of abuse or dependence potential. The study also points out that there is no case of public health-related problems, which resulted as a direct consequence of the usage of CBD.

Studies have shown that CBD can be neuroprotective and may help treat traumatic brain injuries, though its main advantages are its affinity to treat epilepsy, anxiety, and other sleep disorders.

CBD is available in many forms, such as oil, tinctures, vape oils, dry herbs, and edibles, among various other types. CBD edibles are just what the name suggests, edibles infused with CBD. You can find edibles in multiple forms, such as baked goodies, beverages, gummies, chocolates, etc. CBD extracted from hemp plants is legal in many places, whereas CBD derived from marijuana buds or plants still faces many restrictions in most of the areas.

Although the CBD found in both hemp and marijuana is the same, marijuana also contains high amounts of THC, which gives the signature “high,” thus making it illegal.

Different Modes of Consumption


Though CBD has proven to be extremely effective, the method and the amount of dosage is still a topic of debate. There are different modes of consuming this compound. Oral consumption, vaping, smoking, sublingual administration, topical application are some of the common methods.  In this article, we focus on CBD edibles and their advantages over other methods of consumption.

Advantages of CBD edibles over other varieties of CBD

Less Risk Of Lung Irritation

Vape Pens are popular on the market and vaping and CBD oil are primary modes of CBD delivery. However, the long term adversities of inhaling hot oil to the lungs and the air passage are up for debate. Vape oils usually contain thinning agents who seem to release toxic carcinogens when heated up beyond a certain point.

The usage of CBD edibles completely avoids this risk. No vapor, no inhalation, no damage to the air passage, no toxic carcinogens in our body. You can get your hands on the best CBD gummies from

Available In Many Varieties

CBD edibles are commonly available in the form of gummy bears, beverage drops, chews, bars, infused beverages, soft gels, coffee, etc., which makes CBD edibles palatable for different people. Flavored CBD makes them super tasty, as taste has shown to be a dealbreaker for various people. This variety is not available in the other modes of dosages, though flavored vape oils have hit the market; still, edibles are a clear winner here. CBD testimonials from real users claim that an effective dosage of the product has helped them do well over time. Make sure to check them out before making a related purchase.

Easy To Monitor Dosages

It is easy to monitor the dosage with CBD edible. Premade edibles have a specific concentration of CBD, thus making it easy to track the dose. Although CBD isn’t commonly associated with overdose problems, improper dosage may not provide the desired effects. If you are new to the CBD world , then high Supplies is arguably the safest company you can go for as their products are lab tested and safe.

Easy To Make Or Procure

CBD edibles are easy to make at home. Recipies of Cannabutter and CBD coffee are readily available at a click of a button and can be prepared at home with little effort and cost. CBD is also easy to procure online or at your nearest licensed seller. Edibles with less than 0.3% THC, are allowed for public sale and consumption and are legal to use all over the USA.


CBD edibles, when compared with other CBD counterparts, like CBD tinctures or vapes, edibles are much easier to carry around and use, due to its compact and discreet nature. It can be a hassle to handle other forms of CBD, like vapes and tinctures when you are traveling, but candy can offer you the comfort of privacy, and ease of use, that the other varieties cannot.


CBD edibles have a low percentage of bioavailability. This means that CBD will “kick in” a little slower than other modes of influx. CBD edibles may take effect anytime between 30 minutes and 4 hours, varying from person to person. Usually, ingested CBD has a bioavailability factor of around 6 to 14%, compared with inhalation, which has a bioavailability factor of around 31%. This is due to factors like CBD being a fat-soluble substance, as opposed to being water-soluble, which makes absorption to the bloodstream easier, and the effects of liver enzymes on CBD, among other things. This reduces the risk of having too much CBD in your system, which may lead to some undesirable side effects like nausea.

However, if you want higher levels of CBD in your bloodstream, taking CBD edibles with fats and supplements like piperine would help boost the levels of CBD in your bloodstream.

Longer-Lasting Effects

Due to the low bioavailability of CBD edibles, compared to other forms of CBD, the CBD lasts longer in your bloodstream, as a direct result of the slow and gradual release through the digestive system. Studies have shown that the effects of CBD edibles at its peak bloodstream levels last for an average of 4.5 hours, higher than the other modes of CBD influx in the bloodstream.

While CBD edibles are undoubtedly advantageous, the choice of the method of usage ultimately comes down to individual personal preference. Currently, many studies are underway to find out the efficiency of CBD and its interactions with other medications. So, make sure to talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your treatment plan. An expert would be able to guide you on the dose and the form of consumption.

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