Are you interested in entering the field of chiropractic but do not intend to be a chiropractor just yet? A career that suits you is a chiropractic assistant. Working as a chiropractic assistant, most of your tasks are to assist the chiropractor during treatment sessions as well as perform clerical work in the chiropractor’s office. Even though the job is not demanding or too challenging, undergoing chiropractic assistant training is necessary.

Chiropractic assistant training programs prepares students who want to be chiropractors someday. The main task of a chiropractor assistant is to work with the chiropractor in treating patients by improving their bodily functions. Chiropractic is about solving problems in the central nervous system that may lead to problems in the other systems of the body. The chiropractor focuses on spinal alignment because of the belief that subluxations are what cause sickness and disorders. Prospective chiropractic students will learn plenty from the training programs as well as gain experience when they start working as chiropractic assistants in the field.

The chiropractic assistant training starts when the student enrolls in an associate degree program. Community colleges, online schools, vocational schools offer associate degree programs. At the latter end of the degree program, there will be an internship program for students to complete. This is where they can work with a professional chiropractor. Field training is very important for chiropractic assistants because chiropractic care is hands-on treatment. The true learning starts when put their knowledge into application. The associate degree program will also prepare students to pass the licensing exam for chiropractic assistants if the state requires it.

An interested student should have a high school diploma or GED to apply for this degree program. He or she should be 18 years of age. The requirements per school will vary. Some will ask for high school transcripts, recommendation letters and certificate of good moral character.

Chiropractic assistants should be equipped with both office and medical skills. Chiropractic assistants should learn about medical issues, billing practices, insurance practices, medical coding, medical laws and ethics. They should know basic clerical skills like scheduling appointments, keeping patient records and ordering equipment needed in the office. They should know how to operate equipment too. As for medical skills, chiropractic assistants must know about medical terminology, lab procedures and chiropractic procedures.

Chiropractic assistants who are trained can earn $35,000 to $42,000 a year. There will be a huge increase in chiropractic assistant job until 2018. A projected 34% increase in job employment is expected. This will definitely encourage students to pursue being a chiropractic assistant.

Chiropractic assistant training is beneficial in all aspects. First, it will prepare a student to pass the licensing exam. Second, it will provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to be a chiropractic assistant. Third, the training program for chiropractic assistant is shorter which means it will be cheaper. Last, the student can finish training in just 1-2 years and he or she can start a career immediately. The chiropractic assistant can build work experience while earning money at the same time. For more visit

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