You may have heard of dental implants before but are unsure of what they are. Although dental implants are for people of all ages, they are primarily given to an older age group. Our experts have given thousands of people dental implants so they understand the many benefits of them as well as exactly what they are and who would benefit from getting them. Keep reading to learn as the expert dentist Canandaigua NY will share more about dental implants.

Having a missing tooth firstly is not good because it doesn’t make patients have as much confidence. A smile is one of the first things people notice about another person and when they don’t have a smile that is straight with all the teeth in, this can cause a lot of self-esteem problems as well as confidence problems, especially when they are meeting people for the first time. This is one of the reasons why it’s a great idea to take the time to get a dental implant.
The next reason why a dental implant is important is that it makes it harder to chew. There is a reason why you have all your teeth in your mouth, and each has its own reason for being there. When you have a gap it makes it harder to chew your food. Not only that, but food can get inside the hole easier and can get stuck. It’s almost impossible to get the food particles out from brushing and flossing.

Did you know that a dental implant is almost as strong as your regular tooth? This means it will be just like your tooth. In fact, it is joined to your jawbone and really does become a new tooth for you in your mouth. It is made from titanium which is what makes it so strong.

Another great part about dental implants is that you cannot get a cavity from them. This means whatever happens with that “tooth” or dental implant in the future, it will never need a cavity. This doesn’t mean you should ever neglect the tooth though. It’s still important to be brushing it two times per day and flossing daily. This will ensure the area around it stay healthy and can continue holding it in place.

The next positive thing about a dental implant is that it has a 98% positive outcome. There are not many surgeries you can say have that high of a positive outcome if any! This means it is very safe and not only safe but will give you the results you are looking for. Most people when they hear the word surgery run the other way, we don’t blame them. With a dental implant, you can be assured that will go smoothly. You will still need to be approved for the surgery through which betters your odds of it going well and you being happy with the outcome.

If you lose a tooth and do not get a dental implant or something in there to replace the area that is now open, it can cause a lot of issues with your jawbone. Your face can actually start to cave in at that area which will make you look a lot older than you do, in most cases, it ages you 10 years. This can also cause your jawbone to have issues. So, if you have a dental implant, it can prevent a lot of bad things happening to not only your mouth but to your entire face.

As we stated earlier, you need to be preapproved for this surgery. During a consultation, the dentist will speak with you about your missing took and ensure a dental implant will work for your specific mouth. Although most people are approved, it’s always a good idea to go through this step to ensure you are a good candidate for surgery. The main thing the dentist will look for at this time is what type of shape your jawbone is in. If it is in decent shape and has not receded due to the loss of a tooth, you will be a great candidate for the surgery.

Many people don’t realize how common missing teeth are and how often people get a dental implant. In fact, 25% of people over 74 years of age have a missing tooth. Regardless of the reason for having the missing tooth, it’s important that it is dealt with as quickly as possible to help to prevent any future problems. A dental implant will improve your overall health and can even help you to live a longer life. Your oral health will be better because of it which will mean your overall health is better.

Now you know a lot more about dental implants. If you believe dental implants is something you would like to learn even more about or find out if you are a good candidate for them, give us a call. We will be happy to set up a consultation with you and our dentist so they can answer any questions you have and look at your mouth and tell you more about what the outcome for your specific mouth would be. We look forward to hearing from you.

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