EAP or Employee Assistance Program is a newer concept in the workplace realm, which helps to ensure employees' overall wellness in the workplace. The concept of workplace wellness doesn't just mean prevention of accidents or the creation of a safe environment for work. Rather, the term wellness means supporting the overall well-being of an employee. This can include their personal as well as professional lives. The work performance of an employee is dependent on various factors, ranging from relationships and mental health to financial struggles and work-related stress. EAP services are directed towards helping employers guide their staff in handling various challenges in life in a better way before they can have an impact on their work performance.

What is an EAP or Employee Assistance Program?
An EAP is one of the most valuable services offered by different organizations, irrespective of their size. The counselling services provided under the EAP have a very positive impact on the lives of employees. It helps them face and effectively manage stress in life. Consequently, the employees can focus better on their duties and responsibilities. EAP enables them to improve the level of their performance, increase productivity, besides boosting overall well-being. This workplace service is often free for the employees and is sponsored by the employer.

How does the Employee Assistance Program work?
An employer offers EAP to their employees to help them sort their personal and professional problems. EAP could include various services, including providing employees with financial advice.

EAP resembles counselling services. It can help workers overcome various problems that have either made them depressed or have affected their health or work productivity. These services are also beneficial for employers because they bring a considerable decrease in workplace dissatisfaction rates. Besides, it reduces absenteeism and increases the focus and concentration with which employees handle their tasks.

What are the benefits of EAP?
The benefits of EAP are numerous. Below are some of the most significant benefits of EAP—

● EAP improves productivity
The entire business of an organization is dependent on the productivity rate of the employees. If productivity falls, the business is bound to suffer. In a research study, around three-quarters of the employees showed a significant increase in their work productivity after they accessed the EAP services. This can boost the bottom line of the company as well as uplift and strengthen the morale of the entire workforce.

● Strengthens the mental health of the workforce
The mental health of an individual employee is a significant determinant of the mental health of the entire workplace. Therefore, it is important for the company to ensure that the employees feel that there is assistance available that can help them cope with various difficulties in life.

The providers of EAPs have emphasized that the workers or employees can use EAP services even if they are not facing a serious problem in their life. The main objective of the Employee Assistance Program is to help employees make their lives easier. This confidential service acts as a support system that employees can lean on, which will, in turn, lessen the impact of stress on the mental health of the employees.

● Reduce the amount of absenteeism
Encouraging the employees of a company to keep making use of the EAP service will actually help in the reduction of sick days taken by them, and in some cases, it may even save the organization money that is spent on health insurance. EAP services can help workers prevent stress-related illnesses. Consequently, employees will have to take fewer doctor appointments and ultimately fewer off days from work.

● Attracts top talents
The ability of EAP to attract expert employees is by far the most unexpected benefit of this program. Offering EAP services is a symbol of care on the part of the employer. The provision of EAP services will make employees feel that the employer cares for them. Provision of these services may, in some cases, attract more desirable candidates to the company. The absence of the same could possibly deter some of them.

● Reduced turnover
Companies in the corporate sector have faced significant turnover challenges for years. It can cost the company a lot of money, which will ultimately impact their revenue earning and market presence.

Resolving employee problems can decrease turnover. EAPs can make it easier for companies to manage their employees' problems. It not only helps employees identify the problems they face but also offers solutions. This makes things easier for employees as well as employers.
When employees feel valued, there is a reduction in turnover.

An EAP or Employment Assistance Program is directed towards ensuring that employees can manage and maintain their daily lives smoothly and be productive at the workplace. Without EAP services, the workers may not be able to do well at work because of challenging life circumstances.

Although the benefits of EAP are tremendous for the employees, various researches have proved that it is equally beneficial for employers.

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