What are essentials for travel and yoga in Goa

Yoga is a spiritual practice of specific bodily postures, breath control and meditation that makes the body and soul peaceful. In this fast life, most of the people are having a stressful mind. For them anti-depressants don’t even work, then yoga proves to be the best medicine.
The Yoga school Goa says that the best thing about yoga is that you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere, in between your busy schedule. Only one point you need to consider is a calm and quite place to practice yoga so that it can lessen the speed of thoughts in your mind. It doesn’t matter, whether you are on the terrace of your flat, or in the office rest room, or at your own home or even if you are travelling. The only thing you need to be concerned about is your Yoga essentials. So, if you are worried about your yoga practice while travelling then Yoga TTC in Goa states some of the tips for carrying your yoga essentials during your journey.
Essentials for your yoga practice while travelling
1. Yoga mat: You will think of carrying a soft and gripy mat so that you can get a better hold on the surface to do the postures. But as you are planning to travel so you need to think of carrying a mat that is lightweight and portable. For an example, you need to buy a YoFo mat that is thin and can be easily rolled and folded in your backpack. And if you want to have a gripy surface you can carry mini yoga mats for the hands and the feet instead of the carrying the whole yoga mat with you. This will help you to manage the space and the weight of your backpack.

2. Clothes: There is no special clothes that you need to carry for practicing yoga while you are travelling. But, one important thing you need to keep in mind is that you carry two pairs of clothes so that can continue the practice when the other one is wet.

3. Towel: You can carry a microfiber towel for wiping out the sweat so that you don’t slip off your mat. You can also carry mat wipes that will be used to clean up the mat and the dirty bare feet.

Some more travel titbits that a travelling- yogi should carry: -
a. Hair bands or hair ties so that you can tie your hair.
b. Notebook and as to keep a record of yoga practice.
c. Water Bottle to keep you hydrated as it’s not hygienic to drink water outside.
d. An installed Yoga map in your mobile to keep a record of your yoga practices.
During travelling there are many ups and downs that you will face, Yoga Teacher Training Goa will make you learn some travelling Yoga postures that will help to have a positive and a peaceful mind so that you can have a hassle free and a happy journey throughout.

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