Constructing a cellar is never easy because it involves a number of important considerations and steps. For top-quality wine room construction, it would be better to hire a professional. Read this post to know about the process of building a cellar and how to avoid mistakes.

Are you planning on wine room construction? It is a good thought when you want to start your own collection at home. Depending on your requirement, you can build a small or large cellar. If you just want to start your collection, it would be better to construct a small storage unit.

Many individuals like to store and display their collection. Building a large cellar lets you store used as well as unused bottles safely. Like the kitchen refrigerator, it provides you with better access to your collection as well as keeps your favourite drinks in good condition. However, a small mistake could spoil wines prematurely and ruin all your efforts.

Don’t worry! Let’s discuss the tips for building a top-quality cellar-

How to Build a Wine Storage Unit?

• Identify Your Purpose

The purpose of building a cellar could differ from one person to another. If you identify your purpose of wine cellar construction, you can finalise the size early on. It is advised to consider what types of wines you would like to store inside the cellar. Now, you can build a storage unit for keeping at least 100 bottles or you can go with storing 500+ bottles.

• Choose the Right Location

The location for constructing a cellar must be chosen based on the basic principle. It is asked to select a place out from reach of the sunlight. Since you can’t build a storage unit anywhere in the house, you have to choose a cool and dark location. The areas underneath the stairs, basement, storeroom, and kitchen cabinet are some popular locations.

• Pick the Cellar Components

In order to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels inside your wine storage unit, you have to install specific cellar components. Depending on size of the wine room, there might be a need for installing more than one cooling unit. The installation of humidifiers is required for maintaining the right moisture balance in the cellar.

• Select the Right Materials

For cellar walls and flooring, you have to select quality materials. However, choice of the material is likely to depend on your budget. Some of the most common materials include marble, stone, and concrete. For cellar doors/windows, you can go with glass which you need to insulate properly to avoid any kind of leakage.

• Start Your Project

Now, you can start the construction process by using the respective tools. To make things practical, you are asked to hire a professional contractor. Employing DIY methods can lead to creating unknown mistakes in the process. If you hire a reliable builder, you can also get assistance to build an elegant cellar in your residence.

Some Common Mistakes of Cellar Construction

Like any other rooms in the house, you can’t build a wine room. One of the most common mistakes is that individuals select the location randomly. Since you have to maintain the storage condition throughout the day and night, you can’t build it anywhere randomly in the property. It is important to choose a dark and cool location.

The next thing is that many people ignore the storage condition. If the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate from the appropriate range, this is going to ruin your collection. The temperature must be maintained at 55oF within a tolerance of ±5oF. And, the humidity level must be maintained at 60 per cent with a tolerance of ±10 per cent.

When it comes to arranging wine bottles on the racks, you can’t store them in any style. It is important to avoid overbuilding of the racks. It is also advised not to store them in an upright position. According to experts, the ideal way of storing wine bottles is by laying them horizontally on the racks. It would be the perfect style of organising your favourite drinks.

So, what are you thinking about? Hire a professional contractor for wine room construction and get tips. To be honest, experts help you install your cellar with perfection. For building a stylish storage unit, you are advised to choose a design very carefully.

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