What are Factors of Triggering Prostatic Hyperplasia?

Although prostate hyperplasia is a common disease of male friends, it will bring great pain for the occurrence of the disease in patients and can also cause patients with symptoms of frequent urination, urine not endness and painful urination. However, many men friends for some cause of the prostatic hyperplasia have a lack of understanding, so what the causes of prostatic hyperplasia have?

1.Lack of exercise. As a result of male infrequent exercise, sitting for a long time or do not exercise often, which cause arteries to be hardened easily, the blood circulation of prostate gland local is bad, and also can cause prostatic hyperplasia.

2. Hold urine for a long time. Men have the habit of holding back urine, which is a bad living habit. As a result of holding back urine for a long time and reducing the amount of drinking water, which can cause urine concentration and reduced urinating, thus leading to urinary endotoxin deposition, harmful substances in urine will damage the prostate gland and occur prostatic hyperplasia.

3. Bad eating habits. With the improvement of living standard, now young people's life is irregular, such as the alcohol abuse, frequent social activities, eating spicy food, and so on will lead to excessive stimulation of the prostate, and cause prostate hyperplasia.

4. Hormonal effects. Prostatic hyperplasia is closely related to the imbalance of androgen and estrogen in the body. Testosterone is the main male androgen, which, under the action of enzymes, it turns into dihydrotestosterone, which is the active hormone of androgen stimulating prostatic hyperplasia.

5. The impact of sex life. Many young people have irregular sex life or too much sex life, lack of physical exercise, and local blood circulation of the prostate gland, which are easy to make the prostate tissue congestion and hyperplasia.

6. The effects of other diseases. Prostatic hyperplasia can also be caused by some diseases that are not cured quickly. Common diseases are urinary tract infection, cystitis, etc., which will make the prostate tissue hyperemic and hyperplasia, and that will seriously affect the health of men.

Might as well try herbal medicine treatment, since ancient times, herbal medicine has clearing heat and detoxifying, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis and other effects. Not only can relieve all kinds of pain, but also can completely inhibit inflammation of the infection. In addition, it can regulate the mechanism and have a good effect on the human body.

In medicine, in fact, there are a lot of methods of treating prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis, cystitis and other symptoms. Western medicine mostly uses antibiotics to treat infectious diseases of prostate tissue like this disease. However, the chemical antibiotics usually have side effects to the body and it has the superficial effect of inhibiting the spread of the disease.

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I am a medical practitioner and have worked in the field of herbal medicine for more than two years. Because of my love for medicine, I would like to share my experience with my friends in need to help more people.