File cabinet locks are used to secure filing cabinets. File cabinets are used for storing important documents, folders, and other important paperwork. They are most often used in commercial properties. There are some homeowners who use them especially if they run a home business. People might think it is silly to have filing cabinets now when we have so much digital storage there doesn’t seem many points. It can actually be important to have hard copies also in case your computer crashes or gets wiped with a virus. Filing cabinets will need a decent lock as the ones they often come with are cheap and nasty and can be bent easy. Most commonly used on file cabinets are the single-sided wafers locks, locking bars, push-button locks, and even keypad options.

Locksmith Columbus, OH to install CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras and sensors are important for your home security. You may not think they are as they don’t actually provide you with an active form of security such as dead-bolts but having them in place can steer off criminal's quick smart. Now you need to think about where you are going to install your security cameras. How effective your security is isn’t just down to how much you paid for it alone but also where you place it. If cameras are installed in the wrong spots they will not help you to gain the footage you want.


Making a key from a lock is that possible?

Of course, it is possible with Columbus, the OH locksmith. It is something we don’t consider often but it can certainly be done. The steps to get the job done can be quite complicated but it is possible if you find the right locksmith who is trained and have the expertise to complete it.

Transponder keys from locksmith Columbus, OH

Keyless entry is a feature found in modern cars. It is a wonderful convenience for drivers of today. Aside from the added convenience keyless entry adds extra security to your automotive. A transponder key is an electrical component so it will need to interact with the computer of the car. A key fob is mainly used to control the locking and unlocking mechanism of the vehicle.

If the remote is not working, then you may be limited in not being able to open doors. It will limit the safety features of your car and the remote also. If you find your transponder key is not working correctly then contact Jones and Sons Locksmith who will come to your location and see what the problem is. Sometimes it can just be a simple fix like a wire is not connecting properly or even a flat battery in your key fob.

For those of you who are suffering from a malfunctioning transponder chip they let locksmith Columbus, OH handle the problem as they truly empathize with you about the situation. Even if you are faced with a complicated issue don’t worry the team will help.

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