If you are looking for waist-length, beachy summer waves or just want a decent ponytail for once in your life, hair extensions can be an instant solution to all your problems.
There are different styles of extensions and terms that can be overwhelming if you are new to the world of hair extensions.
This article will help you understand what hair extensions are all about and will help you make the best choice for your hair.
So, get comfortable, tie your hair back, and let’s get right into it.

The very first thing you need to know about hair extensions is that they come in real human hair as well as in synthetic hair. So, it is very important to understand the difference between the two of them.


HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS are exactly what they sound like. These extensions are made out of real, 100% human hair from top to bottom, which is collected from a donor. Virgin (never-before-processed) Remy hair is the highest quality hair, which means all the cuticles (outer layer of the hair) are intact, running in the same direction at the time of collection. This allows for almost no tangling and ensures that the extensions remain smooth and silky throughout their lifetime. Hence, they are a little expensive.
SYNTHETIC HAIR EXTENSIONS, on the other hand, is made out of various synthetic, blended fibers, or contains no human hair or very few strands of human hair. These fibers are usually very fine, plastic fibers that are manufactured to imitate our natural hair, therefore making it much cheaper than 100% human hair extensions.

Both real and synthetic hair extensions come in many styles, colors, and different forms of application. The quality of synthetic fibers may vary, but they are generally stiff and move differently from human hair, so they do not blend in with your natural hair. They sometimes have a wiry or coarse feel to the touch.
Real hair, on the other hand, looks and feels natural (because they are!) and therefore blend-in perfectly with your hair.

Human hair extensions are just like your own hair. So, they can easily be heat-styled or colored. You can straighten, curl, blow-dry, color them, and apply hair products.
But with synthetic hair extensions, you cannot color the hair as most dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which would damage the synthetic hair. Also, you cannot heat-style the synthetic hair the same way as your natural hair because the heat can damage them as they will melt or severely damage the air. Other factors such as sun, friction, or harsh hair products can also damage synthetic hair extensions.

Synthetic hair is much cheaper than real hair, but with that, comes a trade-off. Since they are made out of synthetic fibers, they do not last as long as human hair as they can easily be damaged. Usually synthetic hair extensions last for few months as they cannot be washed or heat-styled, whereas human hair extensions last for a very long time which in turn greatly depends on how well they have been taken care of. Diva Divine-best human hair extensions last for about one-two years on average. But if you maintain your human hair extensions really well, then the shelf life of human hair extensions increases accordingly.

So, to conclude, human hair extensions are exactly like your natural hair which can be treated and styled just like your own hair and will look and feel will also remain the same. It will blend easily with your hair and will last much longer than synthetic hair. But when it comes to price, synthetic hair is cheaper than real human hair but does not look natural as they cannot be styled with heating tools and do last as long as real hair.

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