The beer brewery equipments are essential in the smooth operation of the microbrewery business. The beer brewery equipments are essentially the set of tools that are used in the process of making beer brews and different related forms of brews. The brewing process is a well laid out procedure that goes through various stages to produce the necessary brew in brewing systems. Some of the common forms of brewery equipments include mashing system, lautering system, brewery system, cooling and fermentation equipments, conditioning system, filtering system and packaging system amongst others. The quality of brewing equipments play an important role in the final product.

The lagering beer in the horizontal lagering tanks or lagering vessels is the traditional way of doing the business. First the fermenting process is done then the diacetyl rests in primary and then it is crash chilled for dropping the majority of the yeast out. After 7-10 days, the beer is racked from racking arm to conditioning tank and then you have to allow it to lager for more than 2 weeks. It would be much more convenient to collect the yeast from conical fermenter after you have racked the beer off. Otherwise you would have to draw off some and then allow it to settle and then repeat it over some days. If you leave yeast behind then you can potentially risk the autolysis and yeast will lose the vitality and viability for the repitching.

The beer in horizontal ageing tank usually settles well due to less height for falling and the large surface area. After lagering the beer for 2 weeks, it is mostly bright and it needs just a light filter of polish or even no filter will do the job. The horizontal conditioning tanks tend to be cheaper than the conicals. DEGONG is one of the top lagering vessels manufacturers and it provides manufacturing and designing of horizontal lagering tanks and the customization is done as per the dimensions and volume provided by the brewer.

The different horizontal lagering vessels on sale at DEGONG

500L stackable high quality horizontal beer maturation tank for sale, 1000L pressurized insulated and jacketed horizontal maturation tank for sale, 10BBL Maturation Lagering Tanks Stainless Steel Customizable Horizontal Brite Beer Tank China and 10HL Lagering Tanks Horizontal Brite Beer Tank Custom Stainless Steel Tanks for Breweries Across The US amongst others. Let us have a look at one of these products in brief.

500L stackable high quality horizontal beer maturation tank for sale: The horizontal orientation of tanks provides a practical solution in breweries that have insufficient height for location of the vertical cylindrical beer maturation tanks. It can also save sufficient space by reducing height. This product comes with a CE ISO TUV certification. These horizontal tanks are only recommended for those breweries that have very low ceiling height in beer cellar room.

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