If you have ever met a mentally strong person, then you already know that these people have certain traits of their personality that make them stand out from the rest.

Mental strength, however, is something you can improve, much like your physical strength. So learn these traits and you can go from being a psychological pushover to a mentally strong and leading personality.

1. Mentally strong people have so much confidence in their selves that they don't care about others' opinion.
It's important to know that focusing on what other people say about you will consume time and energy that you could spend on yourself more beneficially.

Besides, don't forget, they are also pretty busy living their own lives, so they probably don't judge you as much as you think they do. In other words, if you want to become one of the mentally strong people that you look up to, you better stop micromanaging the impressions others around you and start focusing your attention on how you can be the best version of yourself.

2. A great trait that separates the (mentally) strong from the weak is that whenever a person is about to burst out, the former knows that the latter is probably the one who has the actual problem.

What this means, is that people who exercise their minds don't get caught up in arguments on the grounds that they know problems can never be solved that way. A mutual understanding can only be reached when both parties are working together and not against each other.
So next time someone overreacts or intensifies his/her behavior out of the blue, don't pay much attention.

3. Mentally strong people are not afraid of making mistakes.
Why is that, you ask? Because a mentally strong person can fail over and over AND OVER again and then get back on their feet and keep pushing because they know that success comes before work only in the dictionary.

4. Mentally strong people work on their mind.
Kind of obvious but we still need to mention it and talk it through. As mentioned above, mental strength can be exercised, just like physical strength. So while bodybuilders push themselves over the limits till their body looks like an ancient Greek statue, mentally strong people work out as well. Do you want to know the best part? You can work out mentally too, it's easy, it's free and it's definitely more fun than you think.

Read books, listen to audiobooks, go to seminars or webinars, take a course that will stretch your mind. Ideally, you can combine the mind and body to live your life in harmony and at its full potential.

5. Finally, mentally strong people stand their ground.
They know what they believe in and for what reason and they don't let anyone push them around with their opposite opinion. If you want to belong in the first group then you have to be calm and polite but also firm and stable. Hold to your beliefs and defend them no matter the pressure. Keep in mind that pressure creates diamonds, not losers!

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From dropping out of school and working as a janitor to building multiple 7-figure profit businesses from scratch. Rafael built a brand as a motivational speaker in his early twenties, quickly reaching over 30-million people with his speeches. This became a gateway to supporting incredible entrepreneurs all over the world.

By helping bootstrapping business owners, Rafael learned how to make the very most out of very little...
Leading to astonishing ROI's for his clients, and a thriving consulting firm of his own.