In simple words if you define reverse mortgage then it is a type of simple loan, which people take for the quality and improvement of home and there is no need of monthly payment of mortgage. Payment of interest of this home loan remain defer until last owner of home passes away or he/she leave the home and move out of it. Therefore, you can think that this loan is equity home loan. One of the simplest reverse mortgages is "Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)." In 1989, “the Federal Housing Administration” created this loan under the supervision of“the Department of HUD”. Since 1989 hundreds of thousands people from the United States of America have taken this home equity loan which is unique and give many advantages to lender.

Over 90% people of the United States of America are satisfied with this loan. If you take, a traditional mortgage then you has to pay monthly installment of it for a specific schedule almost 15 to 30 years, however in this traditional loan interest not remain due until your loan reaches to the level of maturity. On the other hand, a homeowner having reverse mortgage will not pay any kind of monthly installment until he/she will reside in home or property and will pay all income taxes and insurance premium. Which means there would be no interest on their money, which they have borrowed as a loan? With the help of this home equity loan you remain owner of your home instead losing it, during this loan your name remain at top of the list for your home ownership, as it was earlier.

In this condition, it is your responsibility to pay all income taxes, property taxes, insurance premiums, and general expenditures on the maintenance and renovation of your home. If you will not pay all these expenditures then you will be defaulter in term of loan, which you have taken. This home equity loan is available for all citizens of the United States of America and all people who have age more than 62 years with substantial equity of their homes. The value of loan, which you will take, depends upon age of the qualifier, means as much as young he/she will be, will get better amount of loan.

Similarly, values of home and current rate also play important role for loan. As in the loan there is no monthly payment therefore there is also no credit or income qualifications for this loan. However, you have to pay all property taxes and insurance as homeowners because it will be your primary residence. You need not to pay it until last owner of the home passes away or he/she was unable to occupy the property as their primary residence or unless not repaid it voluntarily. When last owner will pass away or he/she becomes unable to occupy the heirs will sale it within 12 month to refinance or to pay back amount of loan.

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