If you live in the Washington DC suburbs and have never been to Morrisons, you are missing out on one of the most unique openings to hit the tri-state area this season. Morrisons is opening its second store in the Washington DC suburbs this Easter. The location is yet to be determined but will be in a high traffic business district like the ones you see all over the city. This move by Morrisons shows how serious they are about expanding their brand in the DC suburbs. So, what is Morrisons Easter opening times today?


Monday, April 10th: Morrisons opens its doors to the public at 10 am. You can find out more information on the website or if you live in the DC suburbs you can call the store and find out directly. You may find that there are already pre-opening events taking place around the area including tours of the store. If you are not sure what to expect when you walk into the store, visit on opening day itself. You should be able to find everything you need in the showroom including food, clothing, and home essentials.

Tuesday, April 11th: The grand opening is open to the public again. If you live near the mall you can use on your commute to walk from the mall to the store. In case you are coming from work, you may find that you have access to the store through the elevator. Other than that, you can find that access to the store will be limited.

Wednesday, April 12th: Just like any other business opening, you will have to wait for what are called "customer days". These are the days when the stores have their best sales. On these days, you can expect long lines to go down the block, especially if you are trying to purchase food from Morrisons market near for you. If you want to go in and purchase things right before the line starts to form, you will have to get there early or you will risk being in the front of the crowd.

Thursday, April 13th: If you are staying in Baltimore and are staying for the weekend, you may find that the Morrisons has an "earn while you shop" promotion going on. You can use coupons or just spend the day trying different products. In the morning, you will find that there are already many people trying to get their hands on a product. In addition to that, you may not even be able to enter the store at all! So, it is definitely important to keep that in mind.


Friday, April 14th: If you are coming from out of town and you only have a few hours to spend, you may find that the Morriffs are offering special deals. The stores will be running special promotions that day as well, so keep an eye on any special notice boards that they may post in the stores. During the week, you will find that the hours of operation at the store change a bit.

Saturday, April 15th: If you are looking for last minute deals, you may want to check the store's website very early. Many stores will post their sales and specials on the website a few days before the actual store opening. If you do not find anything on the website, you may be able to find coupon codes on the Morriff's Facebook page. You should definitely keep an eye out for these deals, since many stores run them each year during the holiday season.

Sunday, April 16th: You may be having a difficult time finding what is morrisons Easter opening times. While some stores start early, other stores start late. It is highly suggested that if you are heading to the mall on Sunday that you try and find someplace that starts early. While you may find it tempting to grab something on your way out, you may find that you end up wasting a lot of money. If you have already spent money on Easter morning, then you may want to wait another day and try again. Check out last information about opening times in UK on our website https://open4u.co.uk

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