Conferencing is invented to benefit busy business professionals to have meetings without leaving their desks. They can have a meeting anywhere in the world. Whether they are at home, in the office or from the location of the business trip, they can have a conference call. This is the reason a multi tenant conferencing solution is in use by many companies across the world. The conferencing can be audio or video conferencing and in both of them, it is important to follow best practices.

The video conferencing is very useful as it provides an experience of having face to face meeting. However, it also creates an extremely wrong impression if you are not following the best practices. To show and maintain a professional image of yourself and your company, make sure to follow the following etiquettes:

1. Test in a prior

You never know when your webcam stopped working or you may have some plug-in issues in the mobile browser. Make sure to test all your equipment with your multi tenant conferencing solution. If you have a tech team that is going to set it up for you, please ask them to test one day in advance if the meeting is with customers or prospects or investors. You have to make sure everything is working fine, so at the time of the meeting, you don’t need to adjust webcam.

2. Get ready before 10 minutes

Generally, people ask to get ready before 30 minutes, but no need to waste that much time. Get ready before 10 minutes of the meeting. It means getting your equipment, login into the multi tenant conferencing solution, and also gets water bottles before the meeting. If you are ready with everything before time, you can get back to work, however, as soon as someone joins, please join the person to not him or her feel left alone.

3. Wear good clothes

People usually work from home and that is why may wear pajamas. It is fine in the modern business world when you know the next party still it is advisable to wear not too casual clothes. You are having a video conference and then wear professional clothing.

4. Listen to the speakers

Some people have bad habits of checking emails or taking with an internal team or doing chat while someone else is speaking in the meeting. This is really bad. When you have scheduled a web conference, you must keep yourself available until and unless it is a life and death situation for the business. I am sure you must have understood the importance of giving attention to the meeting. Whether you are speaking or someone else is speaking, give 100% attention.

5. Don’t keep on taking notes

Many people have habits of taking notes which is fine, but what is not fine is keep on taking notes. The multi tenant conferencing solutions provide an option to record the conference. You can also take internal notes in the conferencing solution itself as well as public notes. If you need to take notes in your diary, take notes, but make sure to keep it minimum possible.


These are the top 5 tips you must keep in mind to make sure you take complete benefit of the technological book: Video conferencing solution or a multi tenant conferencing solution.

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