Hajj is the biggest religious event across the world in which millions of Muslims gather in the holy city of Mecca to perform Hajj every year. The Muslims come to Mecca from all nook and corner of the world for this great pilgrimage. Four of five months before, Saudi government starts the preparation of hajj and it allots quota to every country to send their pilgrims to Mecca for the performance of Hajj. They receive their hajj applications and demand some other documents, which are necessary to complete their particulars, which are used at the time to make arrangement their residence, travelling and messing. They allow some tour operators in different countries to operate different hajj packages to the pilgrims.

Variation in hajj packages

The hajj tour operators offer different hajj packages in which some are costly and some are economical. These packages are based on the availability of hotels near Haram and extra facilities while some packages are provided at low rate, but the accommodation is comparatively far from Haram and pilgrims have to walk or use transport to reach to Haram. The pilgrims can choose the best hajj package, which can be excellent according to their demand and they can take a rest in leisure time and also reach in Haram at the time of prayer. There is also change in status of the hotels and the pilgrims choose the hotel, according to their budget and convenience. In different hajj packages, the rate of hotel charges and transportation charges are also included. But the tickets on the airline are not included as they are consistently changing so they demand cash when the documents of the pilgrims are ready to fly to Mecca to perform hajj.

Checklist of things needs during hajj

Pilgrims should ensure that they have made complete arrangements for their hajj. They need to take hajj guide, which tour operators provide with their hajj packages. Take care of your documents and get copied them so that you can use them if lose the original documents. When you leave for hajj, you need to wear ihram as it is necessary to wear before start the journey for the performance of Hajj. Take a small bottle of drinking water so when you feel thirsty, you do not look for water and waste your time. Take the prayer mat with them so that they can spread on the floor as there is hot at daytime in Mecca and it is not possible to sit on the hot floor. You should also take all other things, like a towel, soap, toothbrush, comb, perfume, medicine of ailments like fever, headache and painkillers, nail cutter, toothpaste and other things like that. You should consider some other things like sewing needle or oil to use during hajj and do not use perfume when you wear ihram.

What you recite during hajj

The tour operators offer Hajj packages and they also arrange the religious scholars, who help the pilgrims in understanding what they will recite during hajj and what sort of prayers are necessary while performing some particular religious activities. They also provide the booklet, in which some prayers or duas are present and the way of reciting prayer is also mentioned in these booklets. You should try to understand and keep ready to perform particular religious activities during hajj and be smart to perform actively.

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