Actually there are so many people who actually move towards second hand tyres just because they can’t afford buying new premium tyres. Or sometimes due to certain conditions it become impossible to find out the new premium tyres that suits our car. For which we have to install second hand tyres for certain time period until we find the exactly same tyres that suit our vehicle. So yes in situations like this you should prefer to be very careful.

Actually these tyres are removed from other vehicle and sold in the market separately. So yes we can say these type of tyres are came from Germany, where it’s a rule of changing the tyres when motorists reach 3mm. after that they use to ship these tyres to the UK. Where these tyres are reworked and their overall life span is increased by getting the tyre tread depth up to 1.6mm. Here we are discussing in detail about the part worn tyres and whether they are safe or not.

Risks associated with buying part-worn tyres:

Keep in mind that part worn tyres are actually removed when they have worn out up to the limit of 3mm. Actually, this is a point at, which is the point where the grip of tyre starts to get worse. So yes, it will indicate that from now onwards tyres will be operating at condensed efficiency, and it will be difficult for it to make a grip especially in the wet temperature that can be very much problematic.

So yes, if you are planning to buy the second hand tyre then you should prefer to be very careful about all these things so that you would have a safe drive. And always prefer to buy tyres that are in the best possible condition.

Costs of part-worn tyres that you have to bear:

Keep in mind that part worn tyres are available at very reasonable rates. That might be less than £20. Infect it also depends upon the size of tyre, brand and overall condition. Base3d on that price can go up or down. So yes we can actually say that the average cost of part worn tyres per millimetre is almost £6.33, as compared to £5.32 that is a price of new 4x4 wheel tyres in Manchester.

Actually, there is a difference between the minimum amount of tread depth present in tyres keep in mind that it must match with the legal limit that is required for tyres that can actually hit the road. And yes legal limit of the second hand tyres on the road is almost 0.4mm.

Legal restrictions related to Part-worn tyres:

Other than that people who are planning to buy second hand tyres should know that according to law, there are so many laws, rules and regulations that are implemented for the part worn tyres. Yes, we can say that according to the safety regulation of The Motor Vehicle Tyres these things implement:

  • Actually second hand tyres must be free from cuts that are more in depth than 25mm.
  • Other than that there shouldn’t be any type of bulges and lumps present inside or outside the tyres.
  • Other than that it is very important these tyres actually pass out the inflation test that is required before the sale.
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