The app industry has witnessed a huge spike in the last few years. The demand for applications has exponentially increased. With the advancement in technology and the availability of the internet, the app industry keeps evolving.

Technology is an ever-changing and ever-evolving field and so is the app industry. It is increasing the expectations of consumers and has raised the bars of the app industry quite high.
One of the best innovations of the app industry is Progressive Web Apps or PWAs.

This new entrant has the potential to bring about dynamic changes in the app industry as well as to optimize businesses. In this tech era, industries are investing more and more for developing innovative and appealing web solutions. A PWA is one such web solution that is rapidly being embraced by businesses.

Brands are aiming to make the most use of this innovation. Many times PWAs have been called the apps of the future. Web application development involves developing such applications. Now let us dive deep into the concept of a PWA:

What Is A PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are web-based applications that function and appear like a native application but are actually web apps. It can be said that PWAs are a blend of traditional web experience and mobile app experience. A PWA is designed to increase the accessibility and the reach of the app to even the remotest location. It manages lots of issues such as network problems, less data, lower responsiveness, etc. According to Google PWA is reliable, fast, as well as engaging.

The Features Of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps provide a lot of flexibility and along with that opportunities. You can cater to the application according to the device. Have a glance at features of a PWA:

● You do not need to go through an installation process for these apps, unlike native apps. PWAs can appear on your screen with just a few clicks. The icon that appears on the screen is similar to that of native apps.

● A PWA keeps the data stored in the cache. If you are in a location with low or negligible network connectivity, you can still access information.

● One of the main reasons behind developing a PWA is to spread the reach of applications to every nook and corner. In some of the places, the network connectivity is extremely low. A PWA is designed in a way to run at a good speed even in low connectivity areas.

● Its pre-caching function helps in faster loading of data in less time as well as consumes fewer data. This has tremendously increased the popularity of the PWAs. Progressive web application development is high in-demand these days.

● Another best feature of a PWA is its functioning. A PWA is a web-based app, and yet its functioning is similar to a native application. The features that are provided by a PWA are no less than native apps. You can navigate it in a similar way to a native application. It allows sending push notifications to users.

● You do not need to update a PWA, unlike a native app. Updates can sometimes be an annoying process when they take time. Since a PWA is a web-based app, so just like websites, it can update automatically. Hire dedicated developers to get the best web solutions.
Many big giants such as Flipkart, Twitter, Alibaba, Olx, MakeMyTrip, and many more have adopted PWAs. PWAs have effortlessly helped to increase the responsiveness of apps and make them more scalable.

How Will A PWA Change The Commerce Landscape?

As per Bigcommerce, 51% of Americans prefer to make a purchase online, and 96% of Americans have made at least one online purchase in their lives. In a matter of a few years, shopping has entirely revolutionized. A few years ago, we used to rely on physical shops, but with the introduction of technology in this industry, it has taken a new shape. Today, in this digitalized world, physical shopping is almost replaced by online shopping. What makes online shopping so efficient? It is all thanks to new innovations. PWAs are one such innovation. The increasing use of smartphones and the availability of the internet has tremendously spiked the demand for e-commerce.

PWAs use the latest technologies to serve their purpose. PWAs fit in with all the businesses that are trying to optimize their performance. PWA solutions help to empower businesses by speeding up their technological capabilities. You can hire dedicated developers who can fulfill your requirement. Here are a few of the ways that will help you to know how PWAs will change the commerce landscape:

● The Speed Of A Website: If a traditional website is not efficiently optimized, it takes more time to load a page. As per Google, if you cannot gain attention in less than 10 seconds, your website’s bounce rate goes as high as 123%. Here, you have only one way to hold your customer and that is through your website. Your visitor can be your potential customer if you are able to captivate their attention. PWAs can help with faster page loading.

● Renders A Rich User Experience: With lots of competition in the market, you cannot afford to miss a chance of attracting visitors. People do not have enough time to sit and wait for a page to load and neither do you have the option to offer them drinks till then. So, in order to overcome this, your website needs to be highly responsive. The ease of access and elimination of unnecessary steps have helped to render a rich user experience.

● Adaptive: Innovative brands know the speed with which technology is changing. It is time to implement advanced solutions in order to bring about a change in the traditional cycle. PWAs are versatile applications and are designed in a way to quickly adapt new functionality. PWAs help companies to avoid the regular redesigning cycle.

Some Top Players

● Pinterest: As per a survey, Pinterest, after opting for a PWA, saw a great increase in interactions with the application. Pinterest saw a 60 percent rise in mobile interaction with quicker page loads.

● Starbucks: A PWA development app is preferred more by a user than a native application now. The PWA of Starbucks allows users to check their menu and add orders to their cart even without having an internet connection.

● Forbes: Forbes shifted to a PWA in order to improve its loading time. It takes only 0.8 seconds to load the page now. This led to a 43% increase in its sessions and a 100% increase in its engagement.

● Flipkart: People are spending 3.5 minutes on Flipkart Lite. Its PWA version has generated a 40% higher re-engagement as well as a 70% higher conversion rate.

Wrapping Up

A Progressive Web App is a web solution that efficiently empowers a business. These apps are simple to develop and easier to test and maintain after deployment with the help of app development companies. A PWA helps to change the commerce landscape by digitally engaging and winning customers. PWA development services are high in demand now.

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