Do you now that we can change sunlight directly into electrical energy? Well, yes, this is true and one of the most popular methods of generating cheap electricity. A solar cell is a medium which makes this conversion possible. In this post we will unveil about solar panels, it working, solar panels price and some best solar panel sellers.

What are solar cells?

Also known as photovoltaic cells, solar panels are silicon cells in square shape and small in size connected together to make a circuit. These cells are semiconductor diode that converts sunlight into direct current.

What are solar panels made up of?

Solar panels consist of several solar cells. These solar cells are made up of semiconductor material silicon. A positive layer and then a negative layer of the cell is spread and connected to generate the electric field. The composition of the cells is exactly like that in a battery.

How do Solar Panels work?

Visible lights contain fundamental particles known as photons. When the sunlight falls on the solar panels the electrons from the lights are detached due to the silicon presence on the solar panels.

The light photons are captured by the electrons and energy is generated that pushes the free electron of its host atom. The P-N junction of the cell is the one-way membrane and is made by diffusing a small amount of phosphorus to a depth of one micrometer into a thin wafer of silicon. The free electron passes the junction and creates a voltage on the surface of the panel that is towards the sunlight and a positive voltage is created downside of the solar panel.

Benefits of Solar Panels

1.Saves a lot of money-

When you install solar panel system at your home you certainly save a lot of monthly electricity bill. Sunlight is free and when you install solar panels the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy also becomes free for you. The solar panel price as compared to the savings it offers is nothing.

2.Environment friendly-

Solar panels are quite environmentally friendly and help in lowering carbon footprints, unlike other utility power providers.

3.Performance guaranteed-

Solar panels come with a warranty period of 20 to 25 years. With such a long warranty period from the manufacturer, it shows that they provide good performance for sure.

4.Buying solar is easy-

Earlier it was a bit difficult to buy solar for your home. But today with the internet and e-commerce buying solar panels have become so much easy.

5.Applicable everywhere-

Solar panel setups work as long as there is sunlight and at all places that has abundant sunlight. The remote areas where there is no electricity are the ones that get the most benefits from these solar panels. There are several best solar panels seller offering the best setups at a very affordable price online.

6.Enhance your property value-

Apart from reducing the electricity bill, solar panels when installed on your property also enhances its value. At the time of selling your home, a property that has already solar panel setup installed can increase the retail value of the home up to 40 to 50%.

7.Energy production highest at the most demanded time frame-

The electricity generated from the solar panels is higher at the time of day when the electricity demands are the highest. Comparatively less electricity is required at the time of dusk and dawn due to less workload at that time.

These were some benefits of installing solar setup at home that is really worth sharing. Install a solar panel today at your home and get rid of those heavy monthly electricity bills delivering at your door.

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