Getting married in Paris is only possible after having a civil ceremony at the council offices. After that, the couple can go for this with a religious ceremony, a secular service, or any type of celebration they wish to have, at a destination of their choice. If you’re having a French wedding ceremony, some churches will permit your English-speaking priest to offer his/her service. Representative ceremonies like blessings or Humanist weddings are traditional substitutes for religious ceremonies. These can be performed at your preferred venue.
For the reason that of the nationality restrictions and additional administrative formalities implicated in getting officially married in Paris( ), most overseas couples decide to have an officially permitted wedding ceremony in their country and then come to Paris for a symbolic or spiritual wedding ceremony, which can be hosted at any venue.
Many people ask the question that can I formally get married in Paris. So, the response is that the Paris destination wedding comes to pass among two tolerant people who are as a minimum 18 years old. If you’re travelling to France to have a religious or secular ceremony, you must earlier be got married in your home country. Civil ceremonies carried out in France are officially binding and internationally familiar.
If you are getting married in Paris and planning to live and stay there, then you should apply for the “long-stay visitor visa”. After the wedding ceremony, the local municipality will convert your visa into a residency card as the husband/wife of French citizens.
The legal process:
You have to make contact with the Mairie of the town where you’ll get married in Paris venues for complete details on the marriage application procedure. Generally, the marriage application has to be made and received by the local Mairie as a minimum of days earlier than the wedding date. Original foreign documents possibly will be needed to be translated into French and be valid with an Apostille stamp.

If your marriage request is successful, your civil wedding ceremony must come to pass at the Mairie no fewer than ten days and no additional than one year later than you get approval to marry. Later than your wedding ceremony, you'll be provided a Livret de Famille (official book) that will have your marriage proof in it. French people frequently make use of these books to document other family events afterwards, for example, births and deaths. While getting married in France, Be relevant to the Mairie where your ceremony came to pass to get your official marriage documentation.
Get the following documents ready for your wedding application:
• Passports for the wedding couple
• Official declaration expressing that you’re allowed to get married in Paris and your wedding will be recognized in your home country.
• If you were married earlier and divorced then a Divorce declaration will be needed.
• Proof of living in France for at least one month before submitting the application
• Birth certificates of the wedding couple
• Official document of celibacy stating that you’re not beforehand married
• Prenuptial contract with a legal representative’s certificate

Wedding customs and traditions in Paris:
You possibly will desire to comprise the following well-liked Paris wedding traditions in your ceremony:
Impressive entrance: the ceremony starts with the groom walking his mother down the passageway

Bridal party: there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen in French wedding ceremonies, only witnesses
Cake: a general wedding cake is called croquembouche, which is made of small glazed cream puffs

Champagne tower: a pyramid of flutes with flowing sparkling wine is often a highlight at a French reception

Onion soup: while Getting married in Paris, this typical French dish is served late in the evening to assist wedding guests to get better from an extensive night of festivity

A destination wedding in France is the personification of elegance and romance. From the delicious cuisine to the unearthly venues, you’ll generate memories that will last with you and you dearly loved a lifetime.

What is the cost of getting married in Paris?
Here are a few cost approximations for wedding ceremony related items in Paris. Paris wedding venues possibly will offer a package deal and relying on the site, venue and the altitude of formality you hunt for, these will possibly begin at €5,000 - €10,000 for two to three nights.

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