Software development has been in a lot of demand and gives you the opportunity to become a part of today's highly competitive market. In essence, in relation to job demand, salary expectations, and career reviews, it has recently been declared the #1 best job in the US.

Also, by 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 30% job growth in the software development sector. With the increasing demand for software developers, the diversity in the type of work software developers do is just as widespread.

Let’s learn more about the various types of software development:

1. Web Development

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining a website. It is broadly divided into client-side and server-side.

Client-side- Includes what the user sees, such as text, images, and the rest of the UI, as well as any actions that an application carries out within the user's browser.

Server-side- Almost all business logic runs on the server-side, including creating dynamic web sites, creating databases, identity authentication, etc.

A software development company will use a number of coding languages like- HTML, Javascript, Django, C/C++, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rails, etc.

2. Mobile Development

Mobile app development includes the designing of apps that will run on devices like smartphones and tablets. The two most popular developers are iOS and android developers, who also provide some web development services as the mobile apps are essentially cross-platform.

Mobile app developers are in high demand these days as mobile applications account for 57% of all digital media usage.

Languages to know: Android, Swift (for iOS), Objective C, HTML5, Java, C#

3. Cloud Computing

Although some people are still stuck with the conventional concept of local file storage, with the ever-evolving technology, cloud computing services are becoming more widespread. Cloud computing systems use remote cloud networks located on the internet to store and manage data, instead of using a desktop computer or local database.

These software development services are being widely used by companies all over the world now. As a matter of fact, 90% of companies use some type of cloud service.

Languages to know Java, XML, R, Erlang, Google’s Go!, Clojure, and many more.

4. Security Software Development

The job of a security software developer is to build secure, effective software applications and programs. They can also alter existing software by adding additional security measures. They work hand in hand with coders and even write code themselves. They can conduct penetration tests or coordinate their designs with peers to identify flaws and vulnerabilities.

It is the job of a software development company to perform upgrades and maintenance whenever required. The languages used solely depend on the systems that need to be tested making it a part of custom software development.

The only thing that is a must for the Security Software Development is the programming language that is appropriate to the system, which needs to be tested.

5. Graphic Development

Graphic development requires extensive knowledge of the GPU. It is a form of low-level development, but there is a range of software libraries today that have made it available to high-level developers.

Graphics programmers focus solely on the creation of advanced computer programs specific to complex 2D and 3D graphics. A graphics programmer has a strong understanding of modern mathematics and linear algebra. Computer-aided design, mapmaking, and animation fall within the domain of programming the graphics.

6. Game Development

The gaming industry makes $60bn a year, it's an industry that's larger than Hollywood, that dominates the music industry – and while it still fails to gain notoriety, an increasing number of individuals want a job in that industry.

Modern video games are developed through complex operations involving several different moving components. Game creators, publishers, programmers, designers, photographers, audio engineers, and graphics developers are only a few of the roles that can be made up of by a game development team.

Knowledge Required: AI, VR/AR, blockchain, and web development.

7. API Development

API Development is the art of creating something powerful and flexible. API architecture is the setting up of a framework for basic protocols, types, tools, interaction methods for GUIs, and access rules for databases that can be used by programmers developing other applications for that specific API

8. Embedded System Development

An embedded system is a computer system with a specialized function within a broader mechanical or electrical system that serves a rather specific purpose, often with computational constraints in real-time. It is installed as part of a complete system which also includes mechanical and hardware parts.

Knowledge Required: Embedded C, Assembler, Python, Arduino (an embedded C derivative), Java

To Sum Up...

In this piece, we have covered 8 different types of software development and what you need to learn to be effective in each area. Software development is an incredibly successful and demand-driven sector, and having yourself get placed in any of the software development jobs mentioned above will offer enticing future prospects. And with many custom software development companies emerging every day, the future looks really bright.

So, how many software development types are there in total?! Let's keep brainstorming on those that we might have left out, and let us know about those development areas, suggestions, or clarification in the comments section.

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