Losing one or more than one strands leaves us crazy. We all love to flaunt thick and healthy hair. But at times certain factors become the sole reason behind an abnormal hair loss.

  1. Too much stress

Extra stress or any kind of physical trauma due to an accident, illness can lead to temporary hair loss. This is known as telogen shedding phase. During such cases, one has to just relax their body and mind. However, stress is considered as one of the most important and ignored Causes of Hair Loss.

  1. Heredity

Sometimes hair loss is also linked to hereditary conditions. This is known as female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness, common both for men and women. Sometimes the hair loss happens after a particular age which causes thin hair, thus leading to hair loss.

  1. Hormonal Changes

Another reason behind abnormal hair loss is hormonal changes. This happens mostly during the time of pregnancy, childbirth or even during the onset of menopause. This may also cause scalp infections like ringworm, causing scratchy scalp and also hair fall.

  1. Excess Of Vitamin A

Taking too much of Vitamin A supplements or even medicines can lead to abnormal hair loss. Thus, it is advised to consume Vitamin A according to the prescribed proportion.

  1. Less Protein

Just like our health, our hair also needs right nourishments to grow. This having the right quantity of protein every day is must to ensure a healthy hair growth. Lack of protein rich foods in the diet like fish can lead to abnormal hair loss.

  1. Emotional Stress

Too much of emotional derailment can cause excessive hair loss. This just like physical stress is another important cause of hair loss. So never run away or hide emotional stress, consult specialist and seek help.

  1. Lack Of Iron Content

More commonly known as Anemia, this happens mostly due to iron deficiency in the diet. However, Anemia due to iron deficiency is really common and to confirm it, doctors perform a simple blood test. So Anemia is also another cause for hair loss.

  1. Lack Of Vitamin B

Lack of Vitamin B in the regular diet can also cause severe hair loss. Thus food items like fish, meat, non-citrus fruits, etc are a must in the diet to balance the proportion of Vitamin B and prevent hair loss.

  1. Thyroid

This is the most common and most heard causes of hair loss. Experienced by people throughout the world thyroid can lead to abnormal hair loss beyond the imaginations.

  1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy which is used to cure Cancer is another reason behind hair loss. What happens is, few of the drugs used during this process harms the growth cycle thus causing hair loss. However, after the therapy is over, people may expect to see increased hair growth.

These were few of the causes of hair loss commonly seen. Hair fall or hair loss has become a common aspect today. With increased environmental pollution and decreased air quality, the rate of hair loss has increased rapidly since the past few years.

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