The term'structured tiles' is somewhat misleading. It is not anything to do with the construction of your residence or using them as building blocks such as any sort of grownup Lego (regrettably ) -, it is about the construction of the tiles .

In brief, while nearly all tiles are flat and smooth, a structured tile includes texture or form pressed into it until the clay is terminated.

Due to the physical patterning on the tiles, they function better compared to wall tiles. It is possible to use them as flooring tiles, but they might not be comfortable to walk -- as an example, the tiles you normally find around the advantages of swimming pools are ordered, and while they're useful as an anti-slip step, you would not want them in your kitchen floor.

Structured tiles are created from the ceramic and ceramic so they are as durable and durable as their counterparts that are smoother. As a substance, ceramic has a benefit over ceramic since it produces a stronger tile which is simpler to scratch or harm. And even if this does occur, the clay is exactly the identical color all the way through the tile, so little chips are going to be a whole lot less obvious.

Probably the best-known structured tiles are Metro tiles. All these really are a defined bevel around the borders that plays shadows and light and leaves your wall more intriguing. Metro tiles are a timeless classic which never really go out of fashion.

How to utilize structured tiles
Structured tiles using a smoother surface, like the Stoneway stove , may bring the room to life and may be utilized anywhere in the home. Designed to resemble natural rock, the Stoneway range is very good for use in kitchens, halls, bathrooms or conservatories, including style and imagination in addition to a natural feel to the space.

It is dependent upon the design of the tile, but it is not likely you will want to pay the whole wall using structured tiles which have different patterns, such as Ordi Beige or even the Imotion Inox Metallic. But they'll make great attribute walls or may be utilized as an accent decoration in order to add interest to a plain wall.

A compromise between organised and eloquent
If you'd like the beauty of tiles but favor smooth ones -- particularly if you're using them as flooring tiles -- tiles provide a wonderful compromise. The Brushstroke Gris Tex and Brushstroke Gris Dec are all excellent examples that could be used on floors without the stress of damage from shifting furniture .

Structured tiles can be quite tactile, so before you make the choice about which ones to use, it is ideal to see among our shop Orientbell and watch them'in the flesh' so to speak. Please note that opening times can alter at short notice based on local constraints, so check before you leave home.

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