Benefits of Lean are unlimited for shared service business organisations. Leading shared services and outsourcing organisations have already adopted Lean and Six Sigma techniques to drive out waste and improve performance. They are also applying lean methods to do costing techniques for chargeback mechanism and pre-empting customer requirements. The impact of this integral type of Lean modification is enterprise-wide, positively affecting everything from production and team spirit, all the way to the culture of the organisation.

The head-on benefits of lean are….

Maximising value and growth
Lean helps companies understand their value streams, so they can begin to remove what is not adding value to the customer and upgrade what is. Organisations need to learn how much effort of energy, creativity and resources are lost due to the convoluted and complicated process until they define their value streams for growth. Without the understanding of how value flows through the organisation, it’s nearly impossible to optimise the progress of maximising value to the customer.

More Efficient Business Processes
Efficient processes are a vital part of business agility — the ability to pivot in real-time based on the needs of your customers. Efficiency enables organisations to release new features, products, or information into the market quickly, allowing the organisations to start receiving feedback from the customer faster.

Without an optimised process, any defect, block or fault can travel through a maze of inefficiency, and it reaches to the customer. Lean helps organisations and the teams within them visualise, manage, and optimise processes to improve speed and maximise value by eliminating anything blocking the flow of value to the customer.

Increased Team Productivity
Lean encourages teams to reduce their work in process intentionally. Limiting work in process help teams to collaborate efficiently. This process will encourage them to focus on delivering each piece of value across the finish line as a team. This collaborative synergy and intense focus help teams to provide high-value services. Lean principles to improve productivity while eliminating stress and inefficiency sustainably. With such increases in productivity, agility, and visibility, organisations can reduce their operating costs once they implement Lean.

Predictable Delivery of Customer Value
Lean helps them have more, expected delivery of customer value. Practising lean is an art and discipline of basing commitments on facts rather than forecasts for predictable outcomes. Lean creates organisations to be more collaborative, communicative, and innovative. It helps the team to deliver products and services that are consistent, predictable and with maximised customer value. Lean organisations eliminate anything which does not serve the customer, and in doing so, become more adaptable, agile, and innovative.

Adopting Lean consulting for shared services organisations ensures that activities within the organisation flow properly without interruptions.

Consumer focused outlook
Customer-focused value creation is the first approach to lean Practice. A series of customer focussed steps are taken by reducing waste that improves the quality of products and services, which is advantageous to the customer. Not only does the customer benefit from better services and improved quality of the final product, but also support processes from the expanded supply of goods. Lean’s focus on sustaining the balance between the needs to today as well as ensuring the needs of tomorrow. Satisfied customers are just right for business.

Lean Six Sigma for Shared Services
Shared Services organisations can drive efficient processes with healthy controls as a result of the implementation of Lean Six Sigma and earn unlimited benefits. Along with business process mapping, these efficiencies can extend beyond Shared Services to the entire Global Business Services platform. However, as companies look to Shared Services to expand their range, the foundation is in choosing the right programs and consultants that address not only the efficiency, control, and process improvement but also the attaining the vision and mission of the organisation.

In a nutshell, lean in shared services business means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.The Benefits of Lean in Shared Services is enormous. Are you ready to make the leap into digital transformation? To know more about TSS Lean Consulting, please visit

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