The Course Of True Love Never ran Smooth...

We all fantasise about our lives of falling in love. Since childhood, we grow up dreaming about a perfect fairy-tale and happily ever afters, similar to a perfect Disney tale. Though you might not have thought about these happy little things, yet we all wish for getting a perfect partner. We all wish for auspicious events for ourselves. But have you ever wondered how things become happier?

Concept of Love

Love in its genuine sense is the origin of every single emotion you experience in daily life. You are angry because you love someone from whom you’re agitated; you cry because of sadness you’re feeling because of them; you feel happy for someone because they are happy. It teaches you to feel feeling. Just similar to a string of connections, a love, in its genuine sense, connects you to your partner.

According to an African Coach, “genuine love means what mines are yours”.

How to Make Your Relationship Perfect

When you are in a love relationship, it is mandatory to think and decide anything under the two people, you and your partner. Though it might seem tough when under the right guidance and decisions you two can build up a healthy relationship. Also, as per a proverb given by an African coach,

You can't be successful in a love relationship if you don't have the right coach.

Let it be yourself or someone else, try to find the right guidance for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Here below, we are providing you with a few basic mandates to follow while working out with your love relationship:

1. Pay Attention

The basic, most thing your partner will demand from you is your attention and love. Never fail to the other person feel alone and left. In-fact, surprise them with either presents or any plans for their attraction. It will give them a constant feeling of being loved and support. Hence whatever you’ll do would get reflected. This will ripe the seed of care in your bond.

2. Never Argue to Win

Arguments are mandatory parts of a relationship as they help to nurture a relationship. An argument throws out all the negativity and hidden thoughts of you two. Always argue to solve, but never argue to win your ego. Try to ignore the part igniting you to dominate yourself during an argument. Remember though, you will win your part but may end up losing the other person. It acts as a poison for your relationship when you mix ego with love.

3. Trust

Trust is a vital asset of any relation. Trust your partner. It will help them be honest with you regarding any situation. Help them out to express and confront their feelings rather than dwelling upon the ideal should be the situation. Always try to hear their part and become a part of their life.

4. Never Blame them

Remember, a relationship is like a cart being pulled by every wheel. Similarly, both of you are responsible for every situation of your life. Never try to blame the other side for any event or argument. It is the same as running away from your responsibilities. It creates no positive response to your relationships.

5. Patience and Forgiveness

The important factor to maintain a perfect happily ever after is being able to forgive. Always, try to be patient about any situation you face with your partner. Try to forgive your mistakes and forget them. Let bygone be gone.


As discussed earlier, love is like rain that can fall on any grass. You never know who is going to be your life partner. It just clicks. As it seems easy to fall in love, so it’s harder to remain in love. That’s why all it demands are efforts from both of the parties for finally achieving your happily ever after. After all, you never get something worthier for free. That’s why achieve it.

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Lady Sonia is the Top African happy marriage and Love Relationship Coach. She is Motivational Coaching for Couples and Developing Sonia Coach Woman Life Changer Worldwide. The Mentor - Lady Sonia is a woman passionate about transforming lives on all continents, her book "Authentic" testifies to her success.