When one gets married, that day becomes one of the most special day in his or her life. Many of us dream of a splendid feast for our wedding day. Traditionally, weddings happen in churches, though there are those in other countries where in their main preference is to have a civil wedding because of financial constraints. But before getting married, one must be able to understand all the issues involved and one must know what to expect.


1. LOVE - For most people, love is the main reason why they get married. We all know that being loved in return with the person that we cherish is a great feeling.

2. DREAM – When a couple gets married, the become one. They will now share their dreams and all the aspirations in life. They help each other realize that dream. The dreams that couples share will mainly involve the welfare of the family which would be achieved if the couple will do it together.

3. HAPPINESS – having your own family is such a very happy thing to have in life. Having to raise your very own child and watch him achieve his dreams in his life and supporting him in what he does makes us feel proud for them. Seeing them grow up as a good influence to others makes us realize that we have been a responsible parent to them.


1. JEALOUSY – Regardless of how much a couple works hard to make the relationship in good condition, problems will happen. Example is when one gets jealous at someone or something. Jealousy is one of the most common reason why couples separate. When in a relationship, jealousy is inevitable which is one of the negative things for being in a relationship.

2. DECISION-MAKING – When one gets married, the decision - making process will now become a shared responsibility. One can't make decisions for himself without considering the other one. Some couples fight because of decision-making issues and because they can't come up with a compromise decision.

There are instances when the couple could not come up with a agreeable decision because they have different opinions about a certain issue. This leads to arguments which of course can affect the relationship.

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