When it comes to plating of a precious metal, people often associate it with intricate jewellery and associated accessories. However, the wonders of electroplating silver and gold are not limited to this, rather there is a lot more that they have to offer. Some of the exceptional prospects of gold and silver plating can be seen in their evolving applications. To help you know more, this article reveals 4 fascinating uses of plating and what makes these metals the best choice for the same.

Discover The Amazing Uses of Gold and Silver Plating

As mentioned earlier, the application of metals is no longer restricted to jewellery, rather today they have made their way to a wide range of industries and some of them include:

  1. Electronics

The thermal and electrical conductivity of silver and gold is relatively high, and due to this impressive feature the plated materials are commonly used for making power transmissions and connectors. As a matter of fact, silver is also a temperature lubricant as a result of which it can be used in anti-galling operations within fastener and bearing industries.

  1. Aerospace

Another unique application of gold plating lies in the aerospace industry, where the infrared reflectivity of gold is harnessed (it shows 99% reflectivity in the presence of infrared wavelengths) to operate thermal controlled spacecraft components. In addition to this, several gold plated parts are also used for managing unwanted radiation too.

  1. Textiles

Well, chemical plating of silver and gold have become a revolutionary trend of textile industry. This provides the fabric an impeccable look and most importantly ensures precession of both decorative and functional effects. And the best part is that gold plating services can be incorporated in a wide range of fabrics ranging from polyester, rayon, chiffon, cotton and many more.

  1. Biomaterials

The corrosion resistant properties, malleability and biocompatibility of gold also makes it a great contender for making of biomaterials. For this, various elements such as bio sensors, medicinal equipment and so on incorporated gold plated components for effective and desirable outcome.

How To Grab The Best of Precious Metal Electroplating?

The true benefits of precious metal plating can only be witnessed when you choose a reputable company for gold and silver plating services. This is because, an experienced company can come up with the highest quality of service as per the industry standards and that too at an affordable value. So, when you aspire to incorporate metal plated products to your industry do make it a point to hire a specialized company for the purpose.

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