Modern medicine has been a boon to mankind. It has helped in reducing mortality rates and has greatly increased the level of public health. However, it is important to note that modern medicine involves pumping a lot of synthetic compounds into a person’s body. In the long run, this can cause harm if not done properly or if it is overdone. Hence, people try to opt for traditional and non-invasive therapeutic options whenever possible to reduce their dependence on synthetic compounds. This is a good and well-respected approach ensuring that the healthcare regime of a person is a blend of modern synthetic compounds and non-invasive techniques.

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is something that has existed since time immemorial. It has been used by a wide section of the population both as a prophylaxis and as a treatment for ailments. Physical therapy involves a regime of different movements and exercises to enhance one’s general well-being, physical health. Physical health is also used as a part of the treatment for certain ailments and post-op care. In this segment, we discuss some of the advantages of physical therapy.

1.It is non-invasive

Most treatment regimens for illness or illnesses involve invasive procedures. One may have to consume medicines, undergo surgery or undergo other procedures to recover from an ailment. Even in post-op care, you may to consume synthetic compounds or undergo invasive procedures to bring your body back to normal. When it comes to physical therapy, this process is non-invasive and helps to bring your body back to normal by helping in restoring mobility or increasing recovery rate. Physical therapy in itself may not be a full-fledged treatment, but it greatly supplements a treatment process and reduces the dependence of people on synthetic compounds.

2.It has various health benefits

Physical therapy helps to increase blood flow to the peripheral muscles. It helps in enhancing the health of back, abdomen and hip muscles which undergo heavy wear and tear throughout the day. It helps to increase concentration and helps to control one’s breathing. It helps to increase the mobility of body parts and helps in restoring flexibility. It is especially helpful for people looking to combat ailments like back pain without any invasive therapeutic intervention.

3.It is friendly towards older people

Older people suffer from a gradually loose flexibility as they grow old. Practicing physical therapy every day can help in maintaining flexibility and restoring lost flexibility. Moreover, older people suffer from pain in different parts of their bodies due to demineralization of bones and reduced pliability of muscles. Physical therapy can help restore muscle pliability thus reducing the pain which older people suffer from. A physical therapy regime is a full-fledged exercise routine with complete emphasis on every part of the body. It helps in facilitating exercise without causing the strain and wear and tear associated with normal exercise.

4.It is tried and tested

Physical therapy has been practiced since time immemorial. Its validity and benefits have been tried, tested and vouched for over the years. It has also continuously evolved during the course of its existence. Different physical therapy regimes have been developed over time. Each regime is meant for a different age group. Each regime is meant to focus on a particular ailment or body part. Each regime is meant to cater to a different segment of the population. Hence, one can choose from a wide assortment of physical therapy options for one which suits best.

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