When you think about clearing a piece of property, unless it is truly gigantic and heavily forested, you tend to imagine simple chainsaws, axes and other standard clearing equipment as the go-to for getting the job done. There’s nothing wrong with the sentiment, and classically, that would very much be the case. However, with a well-made chain sawmill you can save a lot of time and possibly turn the waste material into something significantly profitable.

What is a chainsaw mill? These are portable, modular and reconfigurable rings complete with chainsaws and milling infrastructure allowing for the easy processing of large sections of trees, bushes and other components. They can also be used to cut lumber for specific purposes and sheets of things like plywood, particleboard and much more, though their main purpose is for handling raw lumber and raw trees.

These are designed to be set up where the trees are, rather than having to haul large sections of trees to a mill to cut up into pieces for processing. This has a host of benefits, depending on your ultimate goal. If you just want to get the land cleared and aren’t terribly concerned about the ultimate fate of the wood your clearing way, this is beneficial in the fact that it allows you to cut the lumber into smaller pieces for easier transport and easier disposal, or easier burning if you are just doing a controlled burn on-site.

However, I want to make a suggestion to any landscapers or ground clearing/ground services people out there when they adopt a chainsaw mill for faster ground clearing purposes. You can actually offset a lot of your overhead by converting this excess waste into profitable firewood, or into sections that loggers would actually value for lumber creation. You can cut it ahead of time into smaller, more manageable sections, and you can ship it off to either of these or both of them, converting this waste into pure profit.

When it comes to looking for one of these, you want an easy, modular system that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is it complicated setup and takedown. You also want to put a major focus on safety, with things like required held down switches and emergency stopping mechanisms to prevent caught clothing, this guided blades or general accidents from costing lives or at the very best, costing limbs.

Remember that at the end of the day, the safety of your employees is of the utmost importance, and you had to put that above expense. So, while you can shop smart online and find the best chain sawmill for your budget, there are certain points where you don’t want to cut corners, and safety and ease-of-use are 2 major factors. The time-saving side of these is what makes them beneficial in the first place, so if the design is overly complicated or otherwise difficult to deal with, that’s not helping things either. Safety and convenience, that’s the key, and with a good chain sawmill that meets these criteria, you can have both and convert the waste from your ground clearing project into pure profit or at least avoid unnecessary wastefulness!


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Article panned by Lora Davis