Everyone knows that a girl considers a lab-grown diamond her best friend. However, it may be argued by traditional stone advocates. Diamond lovers and jewelers worldwide have realized that lab-grown diamond is the new face in the modern world, similar to chemically mined diamonds. As the name suggests, the lab-grown diamond is manufactured in laboratories that go through a similar natural process of diamond forming under high temperature and pressure. These artificial diamonds are becoming trendy these days for making jewelry. Here are the following reasons why lab-grown diamonds are beneficial. 

Great quality and purer 
Lab-grown diamonds are purer than mined stones. Naturally mined stones have ingrained impurities and dirt, which are not visible in synthetic diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have fewer signs of defects or strain since they are made carefully and in a controlled environment, so their crystal structures have no strain. They have more improved purity, making these diamonds more bright, white, and better. The best thing about these lab-grown diamonds is that they often beat the natural mined stones for purity ratings.

Clean history and guaranteed origins 
The origin of diamonds matters a lot for diamond connoisseurs who want to know all details about diamonds starting from their state of origin till their acquisition. Natural mined diamond is known as blood diamond as the origin is often vague and has a dark background that is made for funding civil conflicts. These diamonds come from conflicted origins. Lab-grown diamond doesn’t come from any conflicted origins, including a history of poor working conditions, child labor violation of human rights, and child labor. They have guaranteed clean origin or history and include trackable sources or guilt-free composition. It is practically impossible to know the natural mined diamond’s origin in every piece of jewelry.

Reasonable price and variety of colors 
Naturally mined colored diamonds come at a high price because they are rare. However, technology has enabled lab-grown diamond, which comes in various colors and comes at a price that is a fraction of the cost of natural mined diamonds. Lab-grown colored diamonds are more affordable, pure, and bright than natural mined colored stones. They are also easy to find. Compared to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are 40-50% less costly. This is because of the efficient supply chain of lab-grown diamond companies. These diamonds fit your budget easily, and you can buy better quality and more diamonds instead of mined gemstones. For instance, at the cost of 1.5 carats naturally mined diamond, you can get 2-2.5 carat diamond of supreme quality.

Environmentally friendly diamonds that are sustainable
Our earth can be damaged substantially due to the mining of natural diamonds. The main reason behind this is that a colossal amount of fossil fuel is used for mining natural stones. However, this is not the case with synthetic diamonds. The problem of increase in diamond demand but less supply of naturally mined diamonds have made technology switch to a sustainable choice of diamonds in synthetic lab-grown diamonds to cover this demand and supply gap of diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds cause no damage to the environment. Diamond digging requires huge fossil fuels to extract the mined stones, making the biggest holes in the earth. Heavy machines are also needed to extract these gemstones. Digging a diamond mine requires cutting 492000 trees and damage to the ecosystem

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